Dashcam video was released of the Gary Castle shooting in Pickens County.

WATCH: Pickens County Deputy Retreats While Repeatedly Begging Gary Castle Not To Make Him Shoot Before Shooting

Pickens County, GA – Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Travis Curran was involved in a shooting early Tuesday morning which was captured on his dash camera.

WATCH: EMT Arroyo’s Murderer, Jose Gonzalez, Threatened Cops After Smashing Police Window

WATCH: EMT Arroyo’s Murderer, Jose Gonzalez, Threatened Cops After Smashing Police Window

The Bronx, New York – At the time that Jose Gonzalez murdered EMT Yadira Arroyo, he should have been in jail for an incident week earlier where he attacked an officer unprovoked, smashed a police van window, and threatened officers.

Michigan State Trooper Garry Guild was attacked, and then saved, as seen on his dashcam video.

VIDEO: Two Brothers Choke And Beat Trooper, Then Citizen Hero Arrives And Opens Can Of Whoop A…

While the trooper was being choked and beaten by two brothers, two hero citizens in two separate vehicles stopped to help him. Dash camera footage of the fight has now been released.

The FBI arrested a Winter Park man who threatened to kill a congressman.

VIDEO: Man Threatens To Kill Congressman, Dares FBI To Arrest Him, Minutes Later, FBI Shows Up

Winter Park, FL – After a Winter Park man called a congressman and threatened his life, the man dared the FBI to arrest him. Just minutes later, a news crew was there when the FBI showed up.

Charles Howard was captured on video demanding a warrant and challenging the FBI to arrest him, right before they did.

VIDEO: Charles Howard Threatens To Kill Congressman, Dares FBI To Arrest Him; They Do

Winter Park, FL – Winter Park man, Charles Howard, dared the FBI to arrest him after he threatened a Congressman. Minutes later they did, and the whole incident was captured on a hilarious video.

A Baltimore County woman could be seen on video beating her children.

VIDEO: Baltimore Woman Beats Kids On Social Media Video, Threatens To ‘Beat Them To Death’

Baltimore County, MD – A disturbing viral video of a woman beating her kids has sparked outrage after the video went on social media.

FDNY refuses to hear Jose Gonzalez's lawyer tell the world that he's the real victim.

WATCH: Lawyer For Jose Gonzalez, FDNY EMT Yadira Arroyo’s Killer, Gets Shouted Down By Angry Crowd

New York City – As Jose Gonzalez’s lawyer tried to explain that he was the real victim, a horde of angry firefighters shouted her down.

Video released shows San Jose police shooting an armed naked man.

Man Strips Clothes Off And Starts Chasing Children, Gets Shot On Video By Police

San Jose, CA – A naked man who had been chasing children and behaving erratically on Friday led San Jose Police Officers on a lengthy, violent chase before he was shot by officers on video.

The Rodney Hess shooting video from his livestream.

VIDEO: Rodney Hess Livestreams Traffic Stop As Officer Fatally Shoot Him

Alamo, Tennessee – Louisiana man, Rodney Hess, livestreamed a traffic stop where officers fatally shot him.

Video shows a Phoenix officer struggling with Delores Imboden outside of Walmart.

VIDEO: Crowd Threatens Anybody Who Tries To Help Officer While He Fights With Suspect Alone

Phoenix, Arizona – A Phoenix Police Department officer was captured on video fighting with unruly suspect, Delores Imboden, while surrounded by a hostile crowd.