People recorded the active shooter at La Jolla Crossroads in San Diego.

VIDEO: People Took Cell Phone Video Rather Than Call For Help At La Jolla Crossroads Mass Shooting

Cell phone video has surfaced which appears to capture the gunshots…

Video shows the I-75 tanker semi fire in Dayton.

VIDEO: I-75 Shut Down In Dayton As Tanker Semi Turns Into Mushroom Cloud Of Fire

Dayton, OH – A tanker truck has unleashed an enormous amount of flames on I-75…

A Delta pilot smacked a passenger to deescalate a fight.

VIDEO: Delta Pilot Smacks Passenger, Not Disciplined Because It ‘Deescalated’ The Situation

Atlanta, GA – A Delta Airlines pilot is facing no disciplinary action after he smacked a passenger…

Video shows the brutal attack on Cook County Corrections Officers.

VIDEO: Cook County Inmates Surround, Beat Corrections Officers Unconscious

Chicago, IL – Video from the Cook County jail shows a group of seven prisoners surrounding and beating two corrections officers on Wednesday.

Fabio called out California's governor, Jerry Brown, for lying to people about Prop 57.

WATCH: Fabio Attacks California’s Support For Criminals, “We Have To Stand Behind The Police…”

Fabio, an Italian immigrant, went on Fox News to stand up for police and attack the way that California is handling law enforcement.

Officer Anthony Federico is being charged with assault for defending himself when he was attacked.

VIDEO: Officer Anthony Federico Gets Attacked On Video, Defends Himself, Gets Charged With Felony

Cell phone video has been released showing the assault on Officer Anthony Federico…

Dashcam video shows a handcuffed topless woman in a pepper spray war with police in the back of a cop car.

VIDEO: Topless Woman Gets In Pepper Spray Fight With Police In Back Of Cop Car

Columbus, Ohio – Dash camera video shows a topless handcuffed woman get into a pepper spray fight with officers while she was in the back of a patrol car.

An Overland Park sergeant just doesn't GAF when somebody pulls a gun on him.

VIDEO: Man Suddenly Pulls Gun On Overland Park Cop, Who Then Calmly Disarms Him Like Petulant Child

Overland Park, Kansas – Dramatic dash camera video shows the moments that a man pulled a gun on a police officer, and bizarrel…

Bradley County Jail is putting funding politics over public safety.

Bradley County Jail Refuses To Book Felony Suspects With Medical Conditions

Bradley County, TN – The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office’s refusal to book prisoners with medical conditions is finally getting attention now that somebody was killed…

30 females were involved in a fight at the Orange Park Mall, which was captured on video.

VIDEO: 30 Females Involved In Wild Brawl In Orange Park Mall, Then They Decided To Resist Arrest

Orange Park, FL – 30 females were involved in a wild brawl at the Orange Park Mall, which was captured on cell phone video…