Video from the Boston Free Speech rally shows that it wasn't entirely peaceful.

VIDEO: Boston’s ‘Peaceful Protest’ Shows Attacks On Police And Free Speech – What Media Isn’t Showing

Boston Police said they arrested 33 people at the free speech rally Saturday that denigrated into violence against police more than two hours after the rally ended.

Pregnant woman Zityrua Abraham told reporters police threw her to the ground. She changed her story once police released video that didn't support that.

VIDEO: Pregnant Woman Claims Police Threw Her On Stomach, Then Police Release Bodycam With Truth

Zityrua Abraham Changed Her Story Once Video Refuted Her First Statement Sacramento, California – Sacramento Police Department released video that doesn’t support the claim by a pregnant woman that police…

Troopers took down a knife fight at the Indiana State fair.

VIDEO: Cops Tackle Women In Knife-Fight At Indiana State Fair

Indianapolis, IN – Two women were cut after a woman broke out a knife during a fight at the Indiana State Fair on Tuesday night.

Video was captured of a Barcelona police officer shooting down a terrorist.

VIDEO: Barcelona Officer Shoots Terrorist Dead – One Officer Takes Out Four On His Own

Barcelona, Spain – Newly released video shows a Barcelona police shooting a terrorist who was wearing a fake suicide vest.

Karl Smith was arrested for using pepper spray on Confederate soldier reenactors at a parade.

VIDEO: Man Carrying Loaded Gun Arrested For Pepper Spraying Civil War Re-enactors

Newton, North Carolina – A 56-year-old man with a loaded gun pepper sprayed Confederate soldier re-enactors during an August 17 parade.

Police released a video that shows Sean Ellis refusing to obey police orders while carrying a large knife and walking toward an officer before being shot.

VIDEO – Man With Knife: ‘Thou Shall Not Kill’ – Police: *BANG, BANG, BANG*

Muskogee, Oklahoma – Police released video of a man carrying a large knife was shot by a police officer after he repeatedly ignored orders to put the knife down and not approach the officer.

Jacksonville Beach Police had to Taser Christopher White three times to get him under control.

VIDEO: ‘They Have Tasers All Day’ Police Taser Big Boy 3 Times To Take Him Down – Then Taser Another Man

Jacksonville Beach, FL – Video showing the Jacksonville Beach police using their Tasers on two men has gone viral, after one of the men needed to be Tasered three times before he went down.

CNN's Wolf Blitzer went a bit overboard in his coverage of the Barcelona attack.

WATCH: CNN Suggests Barcelona Is Copycat Of Charlottesville

In its coverage of the Thursday’s terrorist attack in Barcelona, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer raised the possibility that the Barcelona terrorist attack may be a copycat of the Charlottesville attack.

Authorities found Jose Duran nailed to a tree in a story that even Duran admits is hard to believe.

VIDEO: Man Found Nailed To Tree

A man who claims he was intimidated by people involved in a “ugly” real estate deal was found nailed to a tree by a city worker.

A Pasco County fur missile took down Michael Brick.

VIDEO: Fur Missile Takes Down Violent Felon – Internet Whines Of Brutality For Letting Dog Bite

Pasco County, FL – A Pasco County Sheriff’s Office fur missile took down a violent felon who fled from police, and the internet is running to the defense of the suspect.