Tomi Lahren hosted Blue Lives Matter on her show to discuss how we are working to save lives.

WATCH: Blue Lives Matter On Tomi Lahren’s Show

Blue Lives Matter’s National Spokesman, Randy Sutton, recently went on Tomi with our friend Sean of Strike Force Energy to speak with Tomi Lahren about how we are working together to save lives.

Video of the Metropolitan Police Department shooting.

VIDEO: Cell Phone Video Released Of DC Officers Shot Thursday Night

Washington, D.C. – Cell phone video has surfaced which shows the shooting of two Metropolitan Police Department officers and the suspect.

Eve Gentillon was killed on her way to church.

Elderly Grandmother, Eve Gentillon, Has Died From Violent Assault of October, 2016

Queens, NY – Eve Gentillon, a retired home health aide and grandmother who was on her way to church was violently assaulted…

Judge Qiana Lillard sentenced a woman to 93 days in jail for laughing in court.

VIDEO: Couple Laughs In Court During Victim Impact Statement, Judge Qiana LIllard Lays Down The Law On Them

Redford Township, Michigan – When a couple of people started laughing during a victim impact statement in court, Judge Qiana Lillard gave one of them 93 days to refine their sense of humor.

Officers moved located and took out the killer James Tylka after he shot at them.

VIDEO: Bodycam Footage Of Christmas Gunfight With Killer, James Tylka, Who Shot Trooper Nic Cederberg

Washington County, OR – Bodycam footage of a police gunfight with James Tylka, 30, has been released following the news that the shooting was ruled to be justified.

Riots erupted in Anaheim after video of an off-duty officer's actions surfaced.

Riot In Anaheim – Violent Rioters Demand Arrest Of Off-Duty Officer Captured On Video

Anaheim, CA – A large protest turned into a riot Wednesday night as demonstrators attacked police and destroyed property.

Bryelle Marshall cartwheeled during her field sobriety tests on bodycam video.

VIDEO: Drunk Girl, Bryelle Marshall, Cartwheels Way Through Field Sobriety Tests

Albuquerque, NM – An impaired driver was arrested after she cartwheeled her way through her field sobriety tests.

Tucson Immigration protesters got pepper-sprayed by police.

Video: Immigration Protesters Shriek, ‘They Hurt Me!’ As They Learn Firsthand What Capsaicin Is

Tuscon, Arizona – An immigration protest in Tucson ended in wails of agony from several protesters as officers used pepper-spray to clear the road.

A Portland protester learned the hard way that outrage doesn't protect them against arrest.

Video: Portland Protester Takes On Police Alone, Gets Disappeared

Protesters across the country continued their juvenile-like actions as they held “Not My President’s Day” demonstrations on Monday, February 20, which coincidentally is also President’s Day.

VIDEO: Triple Shooting That Killed 2-Year-Old Lavontay White Was Livestreamed

VIDEO: Triple Shooting That Killed 2-Year-Old Lavontay White Was Livestreamed

Chicago – For the second time in a week, an innocent child, Lavontay White, has been murdered gunfire in the city of Chicago.