The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill to criminalize failure to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

Texas Lawmakers Pass Immigration Bill, Threaten To Arrest Police Administrators Who Don’t Comply

Texas Sanctuary City Ban Austin, TX –  The Republican-controlled House in the state of Texas decided to take matters into its own hands early Thursday morning when it approved a…

The Seattle City Council unanimously passed a resolution from Kshama Sawant to allow city employee the day off to participate in May Day "demonstrations."

Seattle City Council Unanimously Approves Employees A Day Off To Participate In May Day Riot Promoted By Kshama Sawant

Seattle, WA – The Seattle city council has unanimously approved a resolution that city employees…

Judge William Orrick blocked President Trump's executive order which doesn't exist.

Federal Judge William Orrick Blocks Non-Existent Executive Order – Prevents Cutting Funding To Sanctuary Cities

San Francisco, CA – On Tuesday, Federal Judge William Orrick blocked the Trump administration from withholding…

Assistant DA Eric Gonzalez announced a new plan to protect illegal immigrants from prosecution.(News12)

Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez Orders Special Reduced Charges For Illegals To Keep Them From Being Deported

Brooklyn, NYC – Acting Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced a new policy on Monday, to give illegal immigrants better…

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Mike Stack is hostile to state employees.

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Mike Stack Bashes The Cops Protecting Him, Governor Tom Wolf Shuts Him

Harrisburg, PA – Lieutenant Gov. Mike Stack has a history of mistreating Pennsylvania State Police Troopers on his security detail…

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin is a member of a Facebook group for violent anarchist group BAMN.

Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin Exposed As Member Of Antifa (Anarchist) Group On Facebook

Berkeley, CA – Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin has been exposed as a member of an anti-fascist (anarchist)…

Governor Rick Scott pulled State Attorney Aramis Ayala off of the Markeith Loyd case.

After Judge Blocks Her From Prosecuting Cases, State Attorney Aramis Ayala Sues Governor Rick Scott

Orlando, FL – State Attorney Aramis Ayala has filed a federal lawsuit against Governor Rick Scott for removing her from 23 death penalty cases in her jurisdiction, including the case of cop-killer Markeith Loyd…

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray denies accusations of raping children.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Faces Multiple Accusations Of Child Rape

Seattle, WA – Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who is widely known for his defense of illegal immigrants and progressive causes, has bee…

Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese shows more care about protecting criminal immigrants than his community.

Multnomah Sheriff Mike Reese’s Policies Release Sex Offender Illegal Immigrant Into Community

Multnomah County, OR – Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese has decided that keeping the trust of illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes is more than important than the rights of victims or keeping his county safe.

Roger Agpawa is not happy that the law says that he can't be the Markham mayor.

Prosecutor Vows To File Against Newly Elected Mayor If He Takes Office

Markham, Illinois – A county prosecutor has vowed to remove Roger Agpawa from his recently elected position as Mayor of Markham, a Chicago suburb.