The New York police were told to clear the subway of homeless people during Mayor Bill de Blasio's public relations ride.

NYPD Ordered To Clear Subway Of Homeless During Mayor Bill de Blasio’s PR Ride

The New York Police Department was ordered to remove the homeless people from a subway route so that Mayor Bill de Blasio wouldn’t have to interact with them during a four-stop press event.

Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes suggested that the Undersheriff was involved in shooting at an officer's home.

WATCH: Councilman Calls Undersheriff A ‘Hog-Head Lying B——‘ After Officer’s Home Is Shot Up

Jackson, MS – Jackson City Councilman Kenneth Stokes held a press conference on Friday to address Rankin County Undersheriff Raymond Duke after the lawman blamed Stokes’ violent rhetoric for a police officer’s home getting shot up in what appears to be a targeted attack on police.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges was forced out of her own press conference by protesters.

VIDEO: Protesters Force Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges Out Of Her Own Press Conference

Minneapolis, MN – Protesters took over the Minneapolis’ mayor’s press conference on Friday night after she announced that she had forced Police Chief Janee Harteau to resign.

Chattanooga City Councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod could be seen on video attempting to intimidate a police officer who was doing her job.

VIDEO: Councilwoman Tries to Intimidate Officer On Stop – Then Whines to News About Her Treatment

Chattanooga, TN – Chattanooga City Councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod whined to the media about how an officer treated her on a traffic stop.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton wants a lot of taxpayer money to train officers to work in diverse areas.

Gov. Mark Dayton To Spend over $10 Million on Police Training Named After Philando Castile

St. Paul, MN – Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton is requesting $12 million to set up a training fund…

Most of the Slaughter Police Department quit after the mayor told them to do something illegal and unethical.

Slaughter Mayor Tells Officers To Do Something Illegal And Unethical, So Most Of Department Quits

Slaughter, LA – After Wednesday, June 28, the town of Slaughter…

Chief Charlie Beck supports a sanctuary state bill (Flickr/Neaon Tommy)

LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck Supports New Bill To Make California A Sanctuary State

Los Angeles, CA – In direct defiance to immigration enforcement, LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck…

Professor Johnny Eric Williams went on a tirade against white people.

Trinity Professor Johnny Eric Williams Calls White People ‘Inhuman A-holes’ Says ‘Let Them Die’

Hartford, CT – Public outrage continues to grow over Facebook posts from…

Rep. Ramon Perez made an embarrassing mistake with porn browsing tabs.

Rhode Island Rep. Ramon Perez Distributes Handouts With Screenshot Of Porn Browsing Tabs

Providence, RI – State Representative Ramon Perez has issued a statement on why pornographic screentabs…

President Donald Trump called for the return of cop-killer Joanne Chesimard.

President Trump: No Deal With Cuba Without Return Of Cop-Killing Terrorist, Joanne Chesimard

Washington, DC – In announcing the immediate overturn of former…