St. Louis passed a resolution to honor Anthony Lamar Smith.

St. Louis Passes Resolution To Honor Dead Drug Dealer Anthony Lamar Smith

St. Louis, MO – After a week of protests and rioting following the acquittal of former officer Jason Stockley in the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith, the city of St. Louis has passed a resolution to honor the dead drug dealer.

Pi Pizzeria owner Chris Sommers is blaming Blue Lives Matter after reaction to his anti-police statements.

Pi Pizzeria Owner Accuses Blue Lives Matter Of Physical Threats Because Of One Star Reviews

Pi Pizzeria Owner Makes Accusations Against Blue Lives Matter St. Loius, MO – After we pointed out tweets from Chris Sommers which insulted police, the owner of Pi Pizzeria and…

A 'Whites Only' sign with a Black Lives Matter hashtag was placed on several restaurants.

FBI Investigating St. Louis Protesters Hanging ‘Whites Only’ Signs On Restaurants

St. Louis, MO – “Whites Only” signs were found posted up on St. Louis businesses Tuesday morning, but it wasn’t the owners who put the signs there; it was protesters.

Kita Antwanette isn't woke enough to understand how racial segregation is necessary for protesting racism.

Protester Wonders Why St. Louis Protesters Are Racially Segregated, Gets It SJW’splained To Her

St. Louis, MO – A protester in St. Louis was seemingly dumbfounded by the way that the protesters racially segregate themselves, and asked why. In response, she got a dumbfounding explanation which lays out the protesters’ reasoning.

Video shows a Salt Lake City detective arresting Nurse Alex Wubbels.

EXPLANATION: Utah Nurse Arrested For Blocking Blood Draw

Salt Lake City, UT – A viral video shows a Salt Lake City detective arresting a nurse for blocking a blood draw, leaving people looking for answers.

Very little information has been officially released about Justine Damond, causing the media to speculate and resulting in claims of a "cover-up."

Why The Story Keeps ‘Changing’ On The Justine Damond Shooting, And Why It Will ‘Change’ Again

Accusations of a police department “cover-up” for the Justine Damond shooting are spreading across social media as the details of the shooting appear to change.

Virginia State Police had to use tear gas to clear our an unlawful assembly of Black Lives Matter protesters on Saturday.

VIDEOS: Police Use Tear Gas To Clear Out Black Lives Matter Protesters At Charlottesville KKK Rally

Police Release Tear Gas At Charlottesville KKK Rally Charlottesville, VA – A planned Charlottesville KKK rally and counter-protest planned for Saturday ended with tear gas and 23 arrests. Around 50…

Sheriff Rick Jones says that his deputies won't carry Narcan unless the law forces them to.

Butler County Sheriff Says Deputies Will Never Carry Narcan, Gives Questionable Reasoning

Butler County, Ohio – Butler County Sheriff Rick Jones has publicly stated that his deputies will never carry Narcan…

There's a fight over unarmed police in Pennsylvania schools.

Pennsylvania ACLU: Police Officers Should Be Disarmed Because Guns Send ‘Negative Message’ To Students

Pittsburgh, PA – In a March 24 editorial, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called for police officers who are employed by Pittsburgh Public schools to begin carrying guns.

Police departments may start adopting policies which allow police to execute warning shots.

Police Chiefs Add Warning Shots In Use Of Force Policy, And Patrol Officers Will Pay The Price

America’s law enforcement leadership groups have created new bizarre policy guidelines on warning shots, and patrol officers may end up paying the price.