A Portland protester learned the hard way that outrage doesn't protect them against arrest.

Video: Portland Protester Takes On Police Alone, Gets Disappeared

Protesters across the country continued their juvenile-like actions as they held “Not My President’s Day” demonstrations on Monday, February 20, which coincidentally is also President’s Day.

Whittier Police Officer Killed

Hero Down: One Whittier Police Officer Murdered, A Second Whittier Officer Shot

Whittier, CA – One Whittier Police Officer was shot and killed on Monday morning, February 20, 2017. A second Whittier Police Officer was shot in the same incident.

Michigan State Police K9 Otto.

Man Kicks Michigan State Police K9 Otto In The Head, Meets The Jaws Of Justice

Detroit, MI – Michigan State Police K9 Otto is giving new meaning to doing your job well.

Kordarell Williams beat his girlfriend's 7-year-old child 62 times in Houston.

Video: Kordarell Williams Captured On Police Video Hitting Child 62 Times In 5 Minutes

Houston, Texas – A low-life has been arrested after being seen on a police camera beating a 7-year-old.

Get Paid To Support Law Enforcement with Blue Lives Rewards

Get Paid To Support Law Enforcement with Blue Lives Rewards

Blue Lives Matter has launched Blue Lives Rewards so that supporters of law enforcement can support Blue Lives Matter’s mission while getting paid.

A catapult was found flinging drugs over the border fence.

Mexican Smugglers Built Catapult Into Side Of Border Fence

Tucson, Arizona – Well, it seems Mexican drug smugglers are feverishly working on methods to get their product to the United States and will continue to make attempts even after The Great Wall of Trump is complete.

The Washington State Patrol is investigating a Trooper for following his training and notifying ICE about a wanted deported felon.

Washington State Trooper Under Investigation For Notifying ICE Of Deported Felon

Tacoma, WA – A Washington State Patrol Trooper is the focus of an investigation because he notified ICE about a criminal illegal immigrant, just as he had been trained to.

VIDEO: Triple Shooting That Killed 2-Year-Old Lavontay White Was Livestreamed

VIDEO: Triple Shooting That Killed 2-Year-Old Lavontay White Was Livestreamed

Chicago – For the second time in a week, an innocent child, Lavontay White, has been murdered gunfire in the city of Chicago.

The Ford Explorer, including police models, have had carbon monoxide leaks reported.

Is Your Ford Explorer Making You Sick? Blamed For At Least One Patrol Car Crash

The Ford Explorer is one of the most popular patrol cars in the United States since Ford canceled production of the Crown Victoria.

King County's Council has proposed an immigration defense fund.

King County Council Taxpayer-Funded $750,000 Account To Defend Illegal Immigrants From Deportation

Seattle, WA – A one-time legal defense fund of $750,000 for immigrants and refugees has been proposed by King County Council members.