Adam Mueller, AKA Ademo Freeman, was arrested for drug trafficking.

Cop Block Founder Adam Mueller Arrested For Drug Trafficking; You Can Bet It Was Caught On Video

Warren County, OH – Cop Block founder Adam Mueller, also known as Ademo Freeman, was arrested Thursday night in Lebanon, Ohio, for multiple felony drug charges.

KKK Frank Ancona and his suspected killer, Malissa Ancona.

Suspects Arrested In Murder Of Self-Proclaimed KKK Leader Frank Ancona

Frank Ancona’s suspicious disappearance and death left the world asking, “Who cares?” Well now the suspects have been arrested.

Nutjob, Frank Ancona, self-proclaimed Imperial Wizard of the KKK, was found dead.

KKK ‘Imperial Wizard’ Frank Ancona Found Dead Under Very Suspicious Circumstances

Leadwood, MO – Self-proclaimed “Imperial Wizard” of the KKK, Frank Ancona, was found dead on Saturday.

Felix Perez is butt-hurt about NYPD arresting him.

Career Criminal Felix Perez Sues For $10 million After Shot In The Butt During Burglary

Felix Perez, a career burglar, is looking to steal an additional $10 million dollars from New York taxpayers after meeting a Forrest Gump-like fate while burglarizing a home in Queens.

The Chicago four pleaded not guilty in the livestreamed torture and kidnapping.

Chicago Four Torture Suspects Plead Not Guilty In Livestreamed Attack On Mentally Disabled Man

Chicago, IL – The Chicago Four, as they are now known, pleaded not guilty on Friday in the unconscionable Facebook Live attack on a mentally disabled man.

New Court Rule Could See Violent Rapist Kendrick Morris Released, While His Victim Is Permanently Blind And Paralyzed

New Court Rule Could See Violent Rapist Kendrick Morris Released, While His Victim Is Permanently Blind And Paralyzed

Bloomingdale, FL – A 2016 Supreme Court decision could allow violent rapist Kendrick Morris to be released early from his 65-year prison sentence while his victim remains blind and paralyzed for life.

Danny Lipscomb is back in jail after being given a slap on the wrist for shooting a cop.

Danny Lipscomb, Who Was Spared Prison After Shooting Cop, Arrested Again Just Days After Sentence

Gadsden, AL – Just days after he was given a sentence with no prison time, attempted cop-killer Danny Lipscomb has violated his probation and is now in jail.

Terrorists showed up at UC Berkeley and started a riot.

FBI Going After UC Berkeley Rioters

Berkeley, CA – The FBI is now working to identify the people involved in the rioting at UC Berkeley on February 1st, so that they can be prosecuted for their crimes.

Washington DC Inauguration Riots are escalating and becoming more violent.

DC Superior Court Indicts Hordes Of Additional People In Inauguration Day Rioting

Hordes of additional rioters have been indicted by the Superior Court of the District of Columbia in connection with the massive rioting that occurred on Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017.

Robert Gill has been arrested after fleeing from a dug deal and endangering lives.

Robert Gill, Pardoned From Life Sentence By President Obama, Back In Jail After Crime Spree

San Antonio, Texas – Former federal prison inmate Richard Gil, who received a second chance from former President Obama in 2015, was arrested again on Thursday.