Chicago PD Superintendent Eddie Johnson announced the latest change to the proposed use of force policy.

Chicago Police Searching For Suspects In Brutal Facebook Live Video of Girl Being Gang-Raped

Chicago – Chicago Police are searching for five or six suspects who live streamed on Facebook the horrifying gang rape of a 15-year-old girl.

A 14-year-old girl was raped at Rockville High School by two illegal immigrants.

Two Illegal Immigrants Brutally Rape 14-Year-Old Girl In Rockville High School Bathroom

Rockville, MD – A 14-year-old girl was brutally raped in a Rockville High School bathroom on Thursday morning by two illegal immigrants.

A Baltimore County woman could be seen on video beating her children.

VIDEO: Baltimore Woman Beats Kids On Social Media Video, Threatens To ‘Beat Them To Death’

Baltimore County, MD – A disturbing viral video of a woman beating her kids has sparked outrage after the video went on social media.

Kenneth Welch is suspected of randomly shooting motorists.

Deputy Patrick Higgins Shot While Stopping Kenneth Welch In His Attempt To Become A Serial Killer

San Bernadino County, CA – The suspect who shot San Bernardino Deputy Patrick Higgins in the chest Thursday morning is now in custody.

Phoenix officers took down a homicide suspect.

VIDEO: Dramatic Footage As Phoenix Carjacker In Corvette Becomes Justifiably Dead

Phoenix, AZ – A carjacker in Phoenix was killed following a dangerous pursuit on Wednesday.

William Bates, Jr.,claims he doesn't remember trying to rape a baby.

Man Tries To Rape Baby Girl At Playground, Then Mama Bear Commences Massive Beatdown

Kansas City, Missouri – William Bates, Jr., 24, is in custody after he tried to rape a 2-year-old girl at a playground on Friday.

Armando Garcia-Ramires murdered his pregnant 15-year-old girlfriend and former stepdaughter.

Twice-Released Illegal Immigrant Armando Garcia-Ramires Murders 15-Year-Old Pregnant Girlfriend

San Antonio, TX – Twice-released illegal immigrant, Armando Garcia-Ramires, murdered his nine-months pregnant 15-year-old girlfriend on Monday.

Cincinnati Officer Kenneth Grubbs was shot by felon Damion McRae.

Cincinnati Police Officer Kenneth Grubbs Shot by Convicted Felon On Probation Damion McRae

Cincinnati, OH – Cincinnati Police Officer Kenneth Grubbs was shot early Sunday morning by a felon who was on probation.

Pedro Aguilar was shot by carjackers because his car had manual transmission.

Carjackers Kill Houston Man, Pedro Aguilar, For Having A Manual Transmission

Houston, TX – A carjacking turned deadly in Houston when two men shot and killed a father in front of his child because the man’s car had a manual transmission.

Soon-to-be former Miami Officer Jose Acosta was arrested for robbing motorists.

Police Arrest Criminal With A Badge, Jose Acosta, Who Was Robbing People On Traffic Stops

Miami, FL – A rookie Miami police officer with less than one year on the job has been arrested for robbing people on traffic stops.