Dimitri Patterson was arrested after assaulting a police officers to escape justice.

Former NFL Player Attacks Female Officer In Attempted Escape – It Takes 5 Officers To Bring Him Down

Miami, FL – Former Miami Dolphins football player, Dimitri Patterson, was taken into custody by five police officers after assaulting a female officer and attempting to flee from the courtroom.

Eight Antifa members have been arrested for the vandalism of a confederate statue.

Seven More Antifa Vandals Arrested In Monday’s Monument Destruction

Durham, NC – A total of eight people have been arrested and charged in connection with Monday’s toppling of the Confederate soldier statue, and Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews said more arrests were expected.

A bust of Abraham Lincoln was vandalized on Wednesday.

Abe Lincoln Statue Vandalized In Chicago – Locals Take To Social Media To Call Him Racist

Chicago, IL – In the most dumbfounding vandalism of the year, somebody set an Abraham Lincoln statue on fire in Chicago on Wednesday, according to 15th Ward Alderman Raymond Lopez.

James Allen was arrested after he was recorded raping his step-granddaughter.

Victim Records Herself Being Raped, Posts It To Snapchat – Results In Arrest Of Rapist

Danbury Township, OH – An Ohio man has been arrested after his victim posted a video of her rape on Snapchat.

Hilton Head Island Firefighter Dominic Socie was arrested for impersonating a police officer.

Firefighter Dominic Socie Arrested For Impersonating Every Firefighter’s Hero

Hilton Head, SC – A Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue firefighter was arrested and charged for impersonating a police officer on Sunday.

Tavoris Ferrell was out on bond for murder when he shot two more people.

Man Bails Out Of Jail For Murder, Shoots Two More People – DA Claims Low Bail Was Still Justified

Atlanta, GA – After Tavoris Ferrell was booked for murder, the judge set his bail at only $80,000 ($8,000 bond.) Facing life in prison, Ferrell bailed out and shot two more people. He remains on the run.

Ketih Wald and Nathan Felton initially escaped after throwing bombs at Joplin police.

Suspects Threw Bombs At Joplin Police Officers To Escape Pursuit

Joplin, MO – Two suspects who threw explosives at Joplin police officers during a traffic stop and pursuit are now in custody.

Chloe Ayling speaks about being drugged and kidnapped to be sold on the dark web.

Model Chloe Ayling Speaks Out After Being Kidnapped To Be Sold On Dark Web

London, UK – A British model who was drugged, kidnapped, and about to be auctioned off as a sex slave on the dark web, has gone public with her name and her story.

Fnu Kamruzzaman picked the wrong victim to sexually assault.

Pervert Arrested For Molesting Police Officer On Queens Train

Queens, NYC – A man who rubbed his genitals on the arm of a female off-duty police officer has been arrested, and it wasn’t his first time molesting someone on a train.

Police responded after a knife-throwing fight in San Antonio.

VIDEO: Graphic Video Shows Aftermath, Police Response,To San Antonio Knife-Throwing Fight

San Antonio, TX – The aftermath of a knife-throwing fight in San Antonio was recorded and posted to Facebook.