Four suspects were arrested after two Huntington PD officers accidentally overdosed while processing heroin.

Two Huntington PD Officers Overdose After Heroin Gets Delivered To Hospital; Four Arrested

Huntington, OH – Four people have been arrested in connection with heroin delivered to a hospital patient, and the accidental overdose of two Huntington County police officers.

Indianapolis Deputy Chief James Waters is in critical condition following a collision on Sunday.

Indianapolis Deputy Chief James Waters In Critical Condition

Indianapolis Deputy Chief James Waters Critically Injured Plainfield, IN –  Deputy Chief James Waters of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department was seriously injured in a traffic crash on Sunday.  He remains…

The teens who laughed instead of calling for help while Jamel Dunn (left) drowned are being charged.

Teens Who Laughed As Jamel Dunn Drowned Are Now Being Charged With Obscure Law

Brevard County, FL – Earlier this week, the State Attorney’s Office said that there was no law to charge the five teens involved in the death of Jamel Dunn.

Eight people are dead after a human smuggling operation went wrong.

Eight People Found Dead In Tractor Trailer At Texas Walmart

San Antonio, TX – Eight people were found dead in a tractor trailer Sunday morning and dozens more are seriously injured with possible brain damage from the severe heat.

A group of teens have been charged with walking and spitting on Officer Nicholas Smarr's grave.

Four Teens Charged For Repeatedly Walking And Spitting On Murdered Officer’s Grave

Americus, GA – Four teenagers have been arrested in connection with the vandalism of a fallen officer’s grave.

El Cajon PD officers are helping to raise money for Iesha Booker, who helped save an officer.

El Cajon Police Officer Knocked Out By Suspect Who Continued To Beat Him, Saved By Hero Citizen

El Cajon, CA -When El Cajon Police Officer Jose Sioson was brutally attacked by a suspect inside a KFC, MTS employee Iesha Booker saved him by using his radio to call for help.

David Fox attacked a 74-year-old cyclist after the two argued on the road. The vicious attack was caught on video.

VIDEO: Driver Beats 74-Year-Old Cyclist With Club In Road Rage

An enraged truck driver delivered a vicious, bloody beating to a 74-year-old man that was captured on video by a bystander.

Heidi McKinney was sentenced to no jail time after she sexually assaulted a 19-year-old girl.

Woman Sentenced For Sexual Assault Of 19-Year-Old Girl On Airplane; Gets No Jail

Portland, OR – Heidi McKinney was sentenced to no jail time for the sexual assault of a 19-year-old girl on a 2016 Alaskan Airlines flight.

Video captured the moments that Cregg Jerri fought off an armed robber in Starbucks.

VIDEO: Hero Citizen Takes On Armed Robber, Puts Him In Critical Condition

Fresno, CA – Video has been released of a robbery at a Starbucks coffee shop where one of the patrons took on the robber, leaving the criminal in critical condition.

Trooper Brian Mull fell from an overpass while fighting with a suspect.

Ohio State Trooper Brian Mull Falls Off Overpass During Fight With Suspect

Toledo, OH – Ohio State Trooper Brian Mull remains hospitalized after he fell off an overpass while fighting to arrest a suspect.