Feel Good Stories

Atlanta Police Officer Jacob Mach graduated the academy.

Jacob Mach, Former Lost Boy Of Sudan, Becomes Atlanta Police Officer

Atlanta, GA – Officer Jacob Mach, a new Atlanta police officer has lived a life most couldn’t fathom.

Seattle PD Officer Eric Michl's selfie.

Seattle Police Officer Eric Michl Used Selfie To Retrieve Uber Rider’s Purse

Seattle Police Officer Eric Michl used the power of persuasion and a timely selfie in helping return the property of a ride-share passenger.

us navy seals

United States Navy SEALs Go Out Of Their Way To Help Law Enforcement

United States Navy SEALs Go Out Of Their Way To Help Law Enforcement Blue Lives Matter is honored to be working with over thirty Veteran-owned and -operated businesses to achieve…

Marques Bates assaulted Trooper Alaa Hamed and then two citizens rushed in to help the trooper.

Drunk Driver Marques Bates Attacked Trooper Alaa Hamed, Then Citizens Rushed-In To Help The Trooper

Hammond, Indiana – Marques Bates, a Chicago man who was pulled over Friday night for traffic violations, got more than he bargained for after running from and then fighting an Indiana State trooper.

Trooper Beau Ryun was saved by Charles Barney and 74-year-old "Sandra."

Good Samaritans Stop to Help Trooper Beau Ryun Fighting With Man On Side of Interstate

Lafayette County, MO – Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper Beau Ryun was fighting with a suspect on Tuesday, when a good Samaritans stopped to help him.

Chicago Police Officer David benitez was saved by a make-shift tourniquet.

Chicago Police Heroes Recognized For Saving The Life Of Officer David Benitez With Make-Shift Tourniquet

Chicago – Several Chicago Police Officers were honored for their heroic actions in saving the life of fellow Officer David Benitez who had been shot by a crazed gunman in a neighborhood park.

FedEx man was unafraid as he waded into the group of flag-burners, because he knew that there wasn't a man among them.

Video: FedEx Driver Takes On Entire Group Of Flag-Burners To Save Old Glory

Iowa City, Iowa – A group of flag-burners learned the hard way that they aren’t on the internet any more when a FedEx delivery man got out of his truck and extinguished their attempts to burn an American flag.

Spokane Police Officer Tim Schwering is a hero.

Watch: Hero Officer Tim Schwering Pulls Woman From Car Moments Before It’s Engulfed In Flames

Spokane, WA – Spokane Police Officer Tim Schwering is being recognized as a hero for pulling a woman from a burning car Friday night just before it got engulfed in flames.

Markeith Loyd whined,"They beat me up!" but the scumbag is still walking.

WATCH: Markeith Loyd Whines To Media For Pity, ‘They Beat Me Up!”

Orlando, FL – Nine days on the run after murdering Orlando Police Department Master Sergeant Debra Clayton, Markeith Loyd was finally captured.

Ascension Parish Deputy Mike Scott rescued Bella the Cat from this garage door.

Deputy Mike Scott Saves Bella The Cat From a Garage Door

Ascension Parish, LA -When Bella the cat took her morning nap, she never expected to be the talk of the town.