Feel Good Stories

City Limits Showgirls raised over $2.5k for the Yuba County Deputies who were shot.

Strippers Hold Topless Car Wash To Raise $2.5k For Deputies Who Were Shot

Marysville, CA – A group of strippers from City Limits Showgirls volunteered their time to hold a topless car wash to help raise money for two Yuba County Deputies who were shot on August 1st.

Orting Valley Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Steve Goodwin rammed a gate to save a UPS Driver.

UPS Driver Was Being Mauled By 4 Pitbulls – But A Man Wouldn’t Open Gate For Fire Chief, So He Channeled Inner Police Officer

Pierce County, WA – When a man locked a fire chief out from responding to a UPS driver being attacked by four pit bulls, he rammed the gate to save the driver.

Pennsylvania State Police conducted an emphasis patrol in Midland Borough after the local chief ordered an end to traffic stops. (PA State Police)

Town’s Police Chief Tells Officers To Stop Traffic Enforcement, So State Police Flood Town

Midland Borough, PA – After Midland Burough’s Police Chief sent an order to officers telling them to cease proactive law enforcement, including traffic stops, the Pennsylvania State Police responded by flooding the town with troopers to conduct traffic enforcement.

Lt. Otis McKay jumped in the fight to save a Denver Police Officer.

Officer Attacked, Disarmed By Murder Suspect, Then Paramedic Jumps Into The Fight

Denver, CO – A Denver paramedic is being honored for his courageous actions when he rushed to help a Denver police officer who was in a fight for his life.

Houston Police Officer Norbert Ramon has been out saving lives despite his stage 4 cancer.

Houston Officer Battling Stage 4 Cancer Helps Rescue 1,500 In Hurricane Harvey’s Wake

Houston, TX – Houston Police Officer Norbert Ramon may be battling stage 4 metastatic colon cancer, but he immediately reported to the nearest station when Hurricane Harvey hit.

The Waco Police Department released a letter from the children of one of its officers wrote to him before he left to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Letter From Children Of Officer Headed To Help Victims Of Hurricane

The Waco Police Department released a letter written by the children of one of their officers who is going across the state to help victims from Hurricane Harvey.

The Cajun Navy is responding to Houston.

The Cajun Navy Responds To Houston

Houston, TX – The city of Houston is under water from Hurricane Harvey, the devastation is catastrophic, and now more help in the form of the “Cajun Navy” is enroute to help.

Off-Duty Deputy Saves Couple From Burning Car By Shooting It

Off-Duty Deputy Saves Couple From Burning Car By Shooting It

Manatee County, FL – Neil and Claudia Cook were trapped inside their burning vehicle with no way out, then off-duty Manatee County Sheriff’s Deputy Willie Finklea rolled up to the scene to save them.

Kissimmee Chick-Fil-A honored the city's murdered heroes.

Chick-Fil-A Honors Murdered Kissimmee Police Heroes

Kissimmee, FL – Chick-Fil-A has set up a table in their Kissimmee restaurant to honor two murdered police officers.

The Ground-A-Bout coffee shop refused to remove a pro-police sign in its store after a customer complaint.

Ground-A-Bout Coffee Shop Customer Whines About ‘Back The Blue’ Sign – Company Gives Awesome Response

A gourmet coffee shop’s decision to keep up a sign supportive of police after a customer complaint has led to groundswell of public support for the decision.