Feel Good Stories

Law enforcement eating at the Oasis restaurant got this note.

Police Eating At Restaurant Near Site Of Deputy’s Murder Get Unexpected Note On Their Receipt

Manhattan, MT – A group of law enforcement officers received an unexpected…

Yamil Mercado was turned in by his 11-year-old son for dealing drugs.

11-Year-Old Boy Calls Police About His Father, Yamil Mercado, Dealing Drugs In Their House

Lawrence, MA – An 11-year-old boy called police on Wednesday…

New Mission Helping First Responders, Veterans, and At-Risk Youth for Former Police Officer Kyle Hein

New Mission Helping First Responders, Veterans, and At-Risk Youth for Former Police Officer Kyle Hein

Michigan – Kyle Hein was born with the heart of a warrior and a desire to serve….

Two citizens jumped in the fight to save Officer Michael Collins.

Two Citizens See Officer Michael Collins In Fight For His Life, Stop To Help Kick Some Thug Ass

Tampa, FL – Tampa Police Officer Michael Collins was struggling to take a suspect into custody, and was being punched in the face over and over…

Manny Folly, AKA Major Pain is also a Philly police officer.

Philadelphia Police Officer by Day, Undefeated Fighter by Night, Manny Folly Living the Dream

Philadelphia, PA – By day, Manny Folly has a dangerous profession where he is given little recognition.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office makes a dream come true for Jayden and his mom.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office Makes Dream Come True For 5-Year-Old Deputy Jayden

Sacramento County, CA – One very special little boy, Jayden, had his dream come true on Thursday, March 16, 2017, thanks to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

Pedro Viloria jumped through a McDonald's drive-thru window to save the life of a police officer.

McDonald’s Employee Pedro Viloria Jumps Through Drive-Thru Window To Save Police Officer’s Life

Doral, FL – A quick-thinking McDonald’s employee helped save the life of a Miami-Dade Police Officer on Tuesday morning.

Boise PD Corporal Kevin Holtry is released from the hospital.

Boise PD Corporal Kevin Holtry Returns Home After Shooting That Left Him Paralyzed

Boise, ID – Boise Corporal Kevin Holtry has returned home Wednesday following an extensive stay at a rehabilitation center…

Blue Lives Matter's National Spokesman, Lt. Randy Sutton (ret.), reunited with a veteran he saved.

Blue Lives Matter Spokesman, Lt. Randy Sutton, Has Emotional Reunion With Veteran He Saved

Las Vegas, NV – Blue Lives Matter’s National Spokesman, Lt. Randy Sutton (Ret.), went from working in law enforcement to advocating for law enforcement and working to build bridges in the community.

Vickie Williams-Tillman is a hero after saving a Baton Rouge Police Officer.

Civilian Hero Vickie Williams-Tillman Saves Life Of Baton Rouge Officer

When Vickie Williams-Tillman saw a Baton Rouge police officer being viciously beaten over the head with his own baton by a crazed drug suspect, this hero took action.