Criminal Masterminds

Two Brentwood robbers are dead after forcing a homeowner to open his gun safe.

VIDEO: Robbers Demand Homeowner Open Gun Safe – Get Turned Into Human Sprinklers

Brentwood, CA – Two home invaders were shot dead by a homeowner…

Rapper M.Deezy and over 25 other men were arrested at his welcome home party.

Rapper ‘M. Deezy’ Released From Prison, Re-Arrested At Welcome Home Party With 25 Others

Coweta County, GA – A welcome home party for local rapper Mondell ‘M. Deezy’ Whitaker…

Calvin Carter looks like her fell down a flight of stairs during his armed robbery attempt.

Armed Home Invader, Calvin Carter, Learns That Having A Gun Doesn’t Mean You’re Not A Wuss

Chattanooga, TN – Chattanooga man, Calvin Carter III, age 22 picked…

Mark Thompson was gift-wrapped for police.

Armed Homeowner Finds Burglar, In His House, ‘Gift-wraps’ Him For Police

Albuquerque, NM – A burglar who broke into a home, helped himself to the…

The Haymaker Collective Antifa gym in Chicago is possibly the best thing on the internet today.

WATCH: Inside Look At Antifa’s Laughable Martial Arts Training Gym, ‘Haymaker Collective’

Chicago, IL – An anti-fascist (Antifa) group has opened up their martial arts training “gym” in Chicago called “Haymaker Collective.”

Andrew Passwaiter avoided jail time for a sexual assault after giving a wild 'sexsomnia' defense.

Andrew Passwaiter Sexually Assaults 15-Year-Old Girl, Uses Debunked ‘Sexnomia’ Defense, Gets No Jail Time

Bloomington, IN – Andrew Passwaiter, age 18, was charged…

Constable Tyron Davis was convicted of voter fraud.

Ellis County Constable Tyron Davis Convicted Of Voter Fraud, Lacking A Single Ounce Of Sense

Ellis County, TX – Constable Tyron Davis pleaded guilty to six counts of voter fraud…

Lawrence Ripple was sentenced to home confinement after robbing a bank to escape his wife.

Lawrence Ripple Robs Bank To Escape Wife, Is Sentenced To Home Confinement

Kansas City, KS – Lawrence Ripple said that he robbed a bank last year in order to escape his wife…

Kimberly Dolan was arrested after she posted selifes on Snapchat.

Fugitive For Attempted Murder, Kimberly Dolan, Arrested After Snapchat Selfies Reveal Location

Allegheny County, PA – A fugitive was arrested by Allegheny County…

Marion County Sheriff's Office released video of part of Andrew Humphries naked rampage.

WATCH: Naked Man, Andrew Humphries, On Highway Unleashes Rage Cops’ Patrol And Personal Cars

Marion County, FL – Marion County Sheriff’s Office released…