Criminal Masterminds

Travis Tingler ran around naked in the street. When police used a stun gun on him, it hit a lighter he was holding and Tingler caught on fire.

Police Taser Naked Man Who Unexpectedly Bursts Into Flames

Manitowoc, Wisconsin – A naked 32-year-old man was arrested for running naked through the street. During the arrest, an unusual set of circumstances caused the man to catch on fire.

Alana Donahue couldn't understand why people had a problem with her playing with her kids.

Oregon Mother Arrested For Trying To ‘Show Her Kids A Good Time’

Springfield, OR – Oregon mother, Alana Donahue, didn’t see anything wrong with towing three small children…

Rainbow City Police Department released bodycam video which shows that this suspect's injuries were caused by his own intellectual deficiency.

WATCH: Claims of Brutality by Rainbow City Police Get Quickly Exposed As Lies When Chief Releases Video

Rainbow City, Alabama – After viral claims of police brutality were posted to Facebook, the Rainbow City Police Department released body camera footage which exposed all of the claims to be a lie.

South Daytona mom, Colleen Walker, was arrested for leaving her child in a hot car.

Florida Mom, Colleen Walker, Arrested for Leaving Kid in Hot Car, Whines that Back of Police Car is ‘Too Hot’

South Daytona, FL – A Florida mom was arrested for leaving her child locked in a hot car…

A Del City father took care of a sexual predator who was trying to have sex with his 15-year-old daughter.

VIDEO: Father Sets Up Sting To Catch 33-Year-Old Trying To Meet His Teen Daughter For Sex

Del City, OK – A 33-year-old man who showed up to have sex with a with a…

MonaLisa Perez fatally shot her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz in YouTube 'prank' gone wrong.

MonaLisa Perez Fatally Shoots Her Boyfriend On Camera In YouTube Stunt Gone Wrong

Norman County, MN – In a video “prank,” aspiring YouTube star MonaLisa Perez…

A man was shot for dragging a dead raccoon along the side of the highway.

Man Shot In Argument Over Raccoon

Belfair, WA – An argument over a dead raccoon resulted in one man…

James Young (left) was killed by Aurie Mathis (right) as they both burglarized a home.

Burglar Turns To Shoot Female Homeowner Who Was Yelling At Him, Takes Out Partner

Macon, GA – Two burglars, James Young, age 44, and Aurie Mathis…

Marcus Pitts (pictured) shot a suspect who was running from the police.

Citizen Sees Man Running From Police, Decides To Help Out By Shooting Suspect Down

Newton County, GA – A gun-toting citizen, Marcus Pitts, was…

James McCarthy got to ride the lightning straight to the pavement.

VIDEO: Armed Robber, James McCarthy, Rides The Lightning Face-First To The Pavement

Greenwood, Indiana – Armed robbery suspect, James McCarthy, got dropped head-first…