Criminal Masterminds

Marin County Sheriff's Office raided a drug house after a drug dealer outed himself in a hot tub.

Cop’s Joke In Hot Tub Turns Into Drug Raid

Mission Valley, CA – What started out as a police officer making a joke in a motel hot tub turned into a drug raid after somebody took him a little too seriously.

Highlands County Sheriff K9 Remco was locked in a closet with a wanted suspect.

Wanted Criminal Accidentally Locks Himself In Closet With Police K9 – Doesn’t End Well For Him

Lorida, FL – A wanted suspect made the mistake of his life when he accidentally locked himself in a closet with a police K9 on Thursday.

Tyree McCoy and Joseph McInnis were arrested for robbing a bar during a police retirement party.

Two Armed Suspects Rob Bar Across From Police Station During Officer’s Retirement Party

Woodlawn, MD – Two armed suspects held up a bar on Tuesday evening, August 29. They apparently didn’t realize that a retirement party for an officer was happening at the time, and that the bar is across the street from a police precinct station.

A carjacker was dragged by his would be victim.

VIDEO: Serial Carjacker Dragged, Gets Road Rash On His Dangly Bits When He Picks Wrong Victim

Kent, WA – A carjacker picked the wrong driver to try to steal a car from, when the driver of that car refused to cooperate and drove off down the street, dragging him along the way.

Joshua Witt was arrested for filing a false police report.

Man Who Said He Had Been Stabbed Because Of ‘Neo-Nazi Haircut’ Is Arrested For Lying

Sheridan, CO – A man who claimed he was stabbed because he looked like a Neo-Nazi was arrested on Thursday, August 24, after admitting that he had lied to police.

A shirtless and walked into a pizza place and pretended to pour gas on himself in a suicide prank. But another man pulled a gun on him.

VIDEO: Man Pulls Prank By Pouring Gas On Himself At Pizza Place – But He Was In Detroit So…

A man walked into a Little Caesars pizza restaurant and pretended to pour gas on himself in a suicide prank video that apparently went bad when another man in the business pulled a gun on him.

Judge Leticia Astacio made it one day without violating her probation.

After Vowing To Violate Probation, Judge Astacio Makes It One Day Out Of Jail

Rochester, NY – Rochester Judge Leticia Astacio is now accused of violating her probation after just one day out of jail.

Latoca Lashai stole an investigator's gun while she was filing a complaint against a St. Louis Police Officer.

St. Louis Woman Files Complaint Against Officer, Steals Investigator’s Gun While She’s There

St. Louis, MO – A woman who allegedly went to file a complaint against a police officer decided instead to steal the investigator’s gun.

A Washington man who told police he took five erectile dysfunction pills crashed his car into a garage.

Man Arrested For Viagra DUI Appears Happy To See Officers After Crash

A 59-year-old man crashed into a Seattle parking garage and told police he had taken five erectile dysfunction medication pills, about five times the recommended dosage.

Cee Da-Prophet recovered his wallet from a thief after publicly shaming him.

VIDEO: Victim Catches Thief Who Stole His Wallet, Publicly Shames Him As They Wait For Cops

Brooklyn, NY – A victim who caught a thief stealing his wallet had a unique form of punishment while he waited for police to arrive: he publicly shamed the man, taking selfies with the thief, and recorded himself calling the thief out.