Criminal Masterminds

A shirtless and walked into a pizza place and pretended to pour gas on himself in a suicide prank. But another man pulled a gun on him.

VIDEO: Man Pulls Prank By Pouring Gas On Himself At Pizza Place – But He Was In Detroit So…

A man walked into a Little Caesars pizza restaurant and pretended to pour gas on himself in a suicide prank video that apparently went bad when another man in the business pulled a gun on him.

Judge Leticia Astacio made it one day without violating her probation.

After Vowing To Violate Probation, Judge Astacio Makes It One Day Out Of Jail

Rochester, NY – Rochester Judge Leticia Astacio is now accused of violating her probation after just one day out of jail.

Latoca Lashai stole an investigator's gun while she was filing a complaint against a St. Louis Police Officer.

St. Louis Woman Files Complaint Against Officer, Steals Investigator’s Gun While She’s There

St. Louis, MO – A woman who allegedly went to file a complaint against a police officer decided instead to steal the investigator’s gun.

A Washington man who told police he took five erectile dysfunction pills crashed his car into a garage.

Man Arrested For Viagra DUI Appears Happy To See Officers After Crash

A 59-year-old man crashed into a Seattle parking garage and told police he had taken five erectile dysfunction medication pills, about five times the recommended dosage.

Cee Da-Prophet recovered his wallet from a thief after publicly shaming him.

VIDEO: Victim Catches Thief Who Stole His Wallet, Publicly Shames Him As They Wait For Cops

Brooklyn, NY – A victim who caught a thief stealing his wallet had a unique form of punishment while he waited for police to arrive: he publicly shamed the man, taking selfies with the thief, and recorded himself calling the thief out.

Travis Tingler ran around naked in the street. When police used a stun gun on him, it hit a lighter he was holding and Tingler caught on fire.

Police Taser Naked Man Who Unexpectedly Bursts Into Flames

Manitowoc, Wisconsin – A naked 32-year-old man was arrested for running naked through the street. During the arrest, an unusual set of circumstances caused the man to catch on fire.

Alana Donahue couldn't understand why people had a problem with her playing with her kids.

Oregon Mother Arrested For Trying To ‘Show Her Kids A Good Time’

Springfield, OR – Oregon mother, Alana Donahue, didn’t see anything wrong with towing three small children…

Rainbow City Police Department released bodycam video which shows that this suspect's injuries were caused by his own intellectual deficiency.

WATCH: Claims of Brutality by Rainbow City Police Get Quickly Exposed As Lies When Chief Releases Video

Rainbow City, Alabama – After viral claims of police brutality were posted to Facebook, the Rainbow City Police Department released body camera footage which exposed all of the claims to be a lie.

South Daytona mom, Colleen Walker, was arrested for leaving her child in a hot car.

Florida Mom, Colleen Walker, Arrested for Leaving Kid in Hot Car, Whines that Back of Police Car is ‘Too Hot’

South Daytona, FL – A Florida mom was arrested for leaving her child locked in a hot car…

A Del City father took care of a sexual predator who was trying to have sex with his 15-year-old daughter.

VIDEO: Father Sets Up Sting To Catch 33-Year-Old Trying To Meet His Teen Daughter For Sex

Del City, OK – A 33-year-old man who showed up to have sex with a with a…