Criminal Masterminds

Saryna Parker said she wanted to kiss the trooper investigating her for DUI.

WATCH: Teacher Saryna Parker Tells Trooper, ‘I Want To Kiss You,’ During Field Sobriety Tests

Homestead, FL – Drunk probationary Miami-Dade teacher Saryna Parker, is now a former teacher, and fac…

"Chief" David Singleton claims that he's not impersonating police.

Maplewood Man, David Singleton, And His Employees Accused Of Police Impersonation

Maplewood, MN – David Singleton refers to himself as Chief executive of Minnesota Community Policing Services Foundation, Inc…

Video shows a criminal impaling his rear-end on a fence.

WATCH: Criminal Impales Clothes On Fence, Get Stuck As Cops Arrest Him

San Diego, CA – An assault suspect who was on the run from the police learned an embarrassing lesson about climbing fences in baggy pants.

Harvey Police obtained a search warrant after a gang outed themselves on YouTube.

Gang Members’ YouTube Video Shows Off Guns, Drugs, Harvey Police Hold Press Conference To Thank Them

Harvey, IL – If you are dealing drugs, it might not be a good idea to post a video of it to social media.

A California woman freaked out after seeing a man kiss his girlfriend on the head.

VIDEO: Police Called To ‘Sexual Harassment’ Meltdown When Diner Sees Man Kiss Girlfriend

Santa Monica, CA – A newly released video is showing an epic meltdown after a California diner witnesses a man kiss his girlfriend on the top of her head.

A criminal was held by the fence until police arrived.

Criminal Gets Detained On Fence Until Police Arrive

Tucson, AZ – A criminal in Arizona learned a lesson in karma on Friday.

A robbery suspect outside of Hawthorne Denny's got run down and shot himself in the head.

VIDEO: Hawthorne Robbery Suspect Accidentally Shoots Himself In Head As Victim Runs Him Down

Hawthorne, CA – A robbery suspect accidentally shot himself in the head as he fled from his intended victims. The entire incident was captured on surveillance footage.

Leoul Yosef may quit his career as a burglar after he was forced to call 911 for help.

Burglar Leoul Yosef Forced To Call 911 For Help After Homeowner Comes Home

Alexandria, VA – Leoul Yosef broke into an apartment and made the job of Alexandria Police Officers easy.

The FBI arrested a Winter Park man who threatened to kill a congressman.

VIDEO: Man Threatens To Kill Congressman, Dares FBI To Arrest Him, Minutes Later, FBI Shows Up

Winter Park, FL – After a Winter Park man called a congressman and threatened his life, the man dared the FBI to arrest him. Just minutes later, a news crew was there when the FBI showed up.

Charles Howard was captured on video demanding a warrant and challenging the FBI to arrest him, right before they did.

VIDEO: Charles Howard Threatens To Kill Congressman, Dares FBI To Arrest Him; They Do

Winter Park, FL – Winter Park man, Charles Howard, dared the FBI to arrest him after he threatened a Congressman. Minutes later they did, and the whole incident was captured on a hilarious video.