Norman Reedus thanked Benton Police Officer Stovall on Twitter.

Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus Tweets About Police Officer Rescuing His Mom

Benton, AR – Walking Dead star Norman Reedus took time to thank a Benton police officer by name via Twitter…

Justin Bieber spent time with Orange County Sheriff's Deputies over the weekend.

Justin Bieber Reveals His Attitude Towards Police When Confronted With A Room Full Of Deputies

There has been a love-hate relationship between law enforcement and super-celeb Justin Bieber since the young singer gained prominence as a mega pop star.

Bill Maher, longtime critic of Islam, is criticizing the President over the travel ban.

Comedian Bill Maher Backpedals, Busts On President Trump’s Recent Temporary Travel Ban

Comedian talk-show host Bill Maher, a long-time critic of President Trump and Islam, has taken to social media to criticize the recent temporary travel ban.

Wendy Williams used her TV show to call police racist.

WATCH: Wendy Williams Bashes Police On Her TV Show

Wendy Williams continues to make inflammatory and racist remarks on her TV show.

Jerry Seinfeld Tweeted a Joke Which Offended Black Lives Matter

Seinfeld’s Tweet About Black Lives Matter Triggers Social Justice Warriors

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is getting bad reviews for his recent tweet referencing Black Lives Matter.

Adam "Pacman" Jones was arrested for multiple crimes.

Police Organization Calls Out NFL Commissioner for No Discipline for Adam Pacman Jones’ Latest Police Encounter

One police organization has called out the National Football League (NFL) and questioned why Adam “Pacman” Jones has not been disciplined in his latest encounter with law enforcement.

Soulja Boy was arrested in possession of a stolen law enforcement pistol.

Rapper Soulja Boy Arrested In Possession Of Cop’s Stolen Gun

Los Angeles, CA – DeAndre Cortez Way aka “Soulja Boy” is facing felony charges after being found in possession of multiple firearms while on probation.

"Pacman" Adam Jones acted extremely inappropriately before and after his arrest.

Video: Cincinnati Bengals’ “Pacman” Adam Jones Tells Officer “I Hope You Die”

Cincinnati, OH – Recently released video from an officer’s dash cam shows Cincinnati Bengals player “Pacman” Adam Jones go on a vulgar rant.

Madonna drew cheers as she talked about her thoughts on blowing up the White House.

Madonna Talks About Wanting To Blow Up White House In Speech

Washington, DC – Madonna had two words Saturday for anyone who dared to claim that the Women’s March on Washington wouldn’t accomplish anything: “F*** you!”

Pittsburgh Steelers Assistant Coach Joey Porter was arrested after getting violently drunk.

The Curious Case Of Steelers Coach Joey Porter And The Dropped Charges

Pittsburgh, PA – There are some serious questions surrounding the curious case of Pittsburgh Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter.