NBA star Zach Randolph was arrested with two pounds of marijuana on his possession at a party that left six police cars damaged.

NBA Star Zach Randolph Arrested For Dealing Drugs At Massive Party, Results In Riot Against Police

NBA star Zach Randolph was arrested in Los Angeles Aug. 9 allegedly with about two pounds of marijuana on him that was in a large backpack at a street party that got out of hand when partiers attacked and damaged six police vehicles.

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal says he wants to be sheriff so he can close the gap between police and their communities.

Shaq Announces Where He’s Running For Sheriff – Gives Plan To Fix Divide

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal says he wants to run for sheriff in 2020 in Henry County, Georgia. O’Neal had previously talked about the idea in an interview in May.

Colin Kaepernick will no longer kneel as a free agent.

Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend Calls Ray Lewis An Uncle Tom For Trying To Help Out Unemployed QB

Anti-police and unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick had his girlfriend defend him on Twitter implying that a former NFL player who advised Kaepernick to keep his anti-police rhetoric private was an Uncle Tom.

Singer Chris Brown has numerous run-ins with police and has beaten singer/girlfriend Rihanna. He didn't find President Trump's joke funny.

Woman-Beater Chris Brown Outraged At President Trump’s Joke About Not Coddling Killers

Singer Chris Brown, who has a history of violence toward women and run-ins with police, took offense to comments President Donald Trump made in a joke about the violent MS-13 gangs.

Justin Bieber ran over a photographer who was standing in front of his truck.

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Runs Over Photographer And I Don’t Blame Him

Beverly Hills, CA – I never really expected to be writing this, but I’m taking Justin Bieber’s side after he ran over a photographer.

A Texas DPS trooper was ordered to get counseling in 2015 for taking a picture with Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg Encouraging Violent Attacks On Police, ‘It’s Bout That Time’

The musician Snoop Dogg recently posted to Instagram, promoting violence against police officers. The message was then echoed by many of this followers.

PODCAST: Warner Bros Cashes In On America’s Darkest Moment In Policing

PODCAST: Warner Bros Cashes In On America’s Darkest Moment In Policing

America Out Loud Talk Radio –  Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to “Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil: The Life, Legacy, and Love of My Son Michael Brown,” a…

NFL player Adolphus Washington had a gun in his lap and grabbed it without telling the police when he was pulled over in Ohio.

VIDEO: NFL Player Adolphus Washington Grabs Gun In Front Of Cops – Almost Gets Smoked

NFL player Adolphus Washington was arrested on firearm charges July 9 after he took out a gun while sitting inside his vehicle without telling the police.

Actor, Shia LaBeouf, was arrested after acting drunk and disorderly in Savannah.

VIDEO: Shia LaBeouf Arrested – Calls Black Cop A ‘Stupid B—-‘ for Arresting ‘White People’

Savannah, GA – Newly released video shows the arrest of actor Shia LaBeouf in Savannah…

George Lopez suggested that the Trump administration deport the police to make the streets safer.

George Lopez Tells Trump Administration to ‘Deport the Police’ to ‘Make the Streets Safer’

Actor-comedian George Lopez has a suggestion for the Trump administration..