Ricardo Medina only got a 6 year sentence for murdering his roommate with a sword.

Former Power Ranger Ricardo Medina Pleads Guilty To Killing Roommate With Sword

Los Angeles, CA – Former Power Rangers actor Ricardo Medina, age 38, pleaded guilty on Thursday to killing his roommate with a sword.

WATCH: University Of Oklahoma Quarterback Baker Mayfield Runs From Police, Then Cries Like Baby When Tackled

WATCH: University Of Oklahoma Quarterback Baker Mayfield Runs From Police, Then Cries Like Baby When Tackled

Fayetteville, Arkansas – The Fayetteville Police Department released dash camera video showing star quarterback, Baker Mayfield, running from the police and then whining like a SJW when he gets tackled.

Colin Kaepernick will no longer kneel as a free agent.

Colin Kaepernick Says He Will No Longer Kneel Now That He Doesn’t Have A Job

San Francisco, CA – According to sources close to Colin Kaepernick, he will not continue his refusal to stand during the National Anthem as a free agent in the NFL.

Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman David Parry threatened officers when arrested.

Colts Defensive Lineman David Parry Arrested, Threatens Officers, Makes Gay & Racial Slurs

Scottsdale, AZ – Defensive lineman David Parry, of the Indianapolis Colts, is being widely criticized for a weekend arrest in Arizona where he threatened arresting officers and used gay and racial slurs.

Tomi Lahren hosted Blue Lives Matter on her show to discuss how we are working to save lives.

WATCH: Blue Lives Matter On Tomi Lahren’s Show

Blue Lives Matter’s National Spokesman, Randy Sutton, recently went on Tomi with our friend Sean of Strike Force Energy to speak with Tomi Lahren about how we are working together to save lives.

Norman Reedus thanked Benton Police Officer Stovall on Twitter.

Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus Tweets About Police Officer Rescuing His Mom

Benton, AR – Walking Dead star Norman Reedus took time to thank a Benton police officer by name via Twitter…

Justin Bieber spent time with Orange County Sheriff's Deputies over the weekend.

Justin Bieber Reveals His Attitude Towards Police When Confronted With A Room Full Of Deputies

There has been a love-hate relationship between law enforcement and super-celeb Justin Bieber since the young singer gained prominence as a mega pop star.

Bill Maher, longtime critic of Islam, is criticizing the President over the travel ban.

Comedian Bill Maher Backpedals, Busts On President Trump’s Recent Temporary Travel Ban

Comedian talk-show host Bill Maher, a long-time critic of President Trump and Islam, has taken to social media to criticize the recent temporary travel ban.

Wendy Williams used her TV show to call police racist.

WATCH: Wendy Williams Bashes Police On Her TV Show

Wendy Williams continues to make inflammatory and racist remarks on her TV show.

Jerry Seinfeld Tweeted a Joke Which Offended Black Lives Matter

Seinfeld’s Tweet About Black Lives Matter Triggers Social Justice Warriors

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is getting bad reviews for his recent tweet referencing Black Lives Matter.