Black Lives Matter

Shots were fired at Ferguson Police at a Michael Brown protest.

Fights Break Out, Shots Fired At Police In Ferguson, After Claims Michael Brown Was Dealing Drugs

Ferguson, MO – Protests turned into fights with police, which turned into shots fired and somebody trying to torch a patrol car afte…

Newly released surveillance footage claims that Michael Brown was just dealing drugs at store, not robbing it.

Newly Released Surveillance Video Claims Proof Michael Brown Didn’t Rob Store; He Was Just Dealing Drugs

A newly released video claims to have proof that Michael Brown wasn’t the armed robber that police portrayed him as, instead they claim he was simply dealing drugs.

Black Lives Matter Stockton criminals were arrested.

Stockton Black Lives Matter Members Arrested After Beating Homeless Man

Stockton, CA – Stockton Police Officers arrested 12 Black Lives Matter members on Tuesday night…

Former member, Trey Turner, speaks out against Black Lives Matter as a hate group.

Former Black Lives Matter Member, Trey Turner, Speaks Out On Their Planned Terrorist Attack

A former Black Lives Matter activist, Trey Turner, has said that the violent group planned to burn the Minnesota state capitol and the…

Police responded appropriately to a North Charleston school bus fight, with part of the response captured on video.

Officers Attacked On North Charleston School Bus, Black Lives Matter Blames Police

North Charleston, SC – Despite even Al Sharpton’s organization siding with the police, Black Lives Matter continues to attack police response to a school bus fight.

Black Lives Matter Yusra Khogali posted a racist rant on social media.

Black Lives Matter Leader, Yusra Khogali’s Racist Rant: White People Are ‘Recessive Genetic Defects’

Yusra Khogali doesn’t just hate white people, she appears to REALLY hate white people.

Was there not a single person at OneUnited who realized that their Black Lives Matter card features somebody who's blue?

OneUnited Bank Releases Black Lives Matter Debit Card – Promotes Only Black-Owned Businesses

OneUnited Bank has partnered with Black Lives Matter to issue a Black Lives Matter debit card to encourage “black banking.”

Rochester Schools will be teaching Black Lives Matter.

Rochester Schools Teach BLM To Schoolchildren, ‘Black Lives Deserve Special Affirmation’

Rochester, NY – Rochester schools throughout the city will celebrate Black Lives Matter Day, February 17, 2017.

Keely Meagan endangered lives by stopping behind an Trooper on a stop and refusing to leave.

Black Lives Matter Activist, Keely Meagan, Prosecuted After Stopping Behind Police On Traffic Stop

Ashland, Oregon – An Ashland woman, Keely Meagan, was on trial Wednesday, for refusing to leave a traffic stop after being ordered to by an Oregon State Trooper.

Black Lives Matter Vermont rallied in support of Ben & Jerry's after we called on Americans to boycott the company.

Arrested Black Lives Matter Protesters Given Easy Plea Deal, Screw It Up By Making More Demands

Cumberland County, ME – A plea deal between Black Lives Matters protesters and the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office fell apart on Wednesday, when they thought they could continue to make their own demands.