Black Lives Matter

A Seattle preschool teacher representing Black Lives Matter called for a terrorist overthrow of the U.S. government.

Watch: Seattle Black Lives Matter Preschool Teacher, ‘We Need To Start Killing People’

Seattle, WA – A preschool teacher from Seattle was recorded on Saturday giving a speech over a megaphone which is sure to land her on a terrorist watchlist.

It's time for law enforcement to take a stand against Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Black Lives Matter Assault Police During Arrest At Charlotte Airport Immigration Protest

Charlotte, NC – Black Lives Matter is continuing their tactics of trying to hijack a protest about anything else to try to make it about them.

Black Lives Matter groups come together to list demands.

Bellevue Schools To Promote Black Lives Matter

Bellevue, WA – Bellevue school teachers are going to be promoting Black Lives Matter in public schools on January 31st by wearing Black Lives Matter shirts.

Marc Lamont Hill will be getting paid a lot of money to speak at ESU.

Black Lives Matter Activist And Cop-Killer Supporter Dr. Marc Lamont Hill To Speak At East Carolina University

Greenville, NC – East Carolina University is paying a large sum of money to Dr. Marc Lamont Hill as the featured speaker for their 2017 Martin Luther King celebration.

The rejected Black Lives Matter Wells Fargo card.

Black Lives Matter Bank Card Design Shut Down By Wells Fargo

Baltimore, MD – Baltimore city teacher Rachel Nash designed a credit card that that featured “Black Lives Matter” on it along with a raised fist.

Black Lives Matter attacks Christmas.

Philadelphia School Teachers To Participate In Black Lives Matter Week of Action

Philadelphia, PA – A Philadelphia organization of teachers, the Caucus of Working Educators, is convincing Philadelphia teachers to participate in their “Black Lives Matter Week of Action.”

Black Lives Matter groups come together to list demands.

Northwestern University Publicly Honoring And Supporting Black Lives Matter Movement

Evanston, IL – A Black Lives Matter flag was raised over Norris University Center at Northwestern University on Tuesday morning, as part of a two-week effort to raise awareness for the anti-police political group, and it was all University-approved and sponsored.

Black Lives Matter claims that a Starbucks employee spit in a cop's drink.

Black Lives Matter Claims Starbucks Barista Tampered With Officer’s Drink, And They Are Proud Of It

Stockton, CA – The Stockton, California chapter of Black Lives Matter claimed in a Facebook post on Wednesday, that a Starbucks employee had spit in a Stockton Police Officer’s coffee. And they were proud of it.

Andrew Young told college students that Black Lives Matter was on the wrong path.(Twitter/@alabamaFTBL)

Civil Rights Icon Andrew Young Speaks To College Students, Calls Out Black Lives Matter

Atlanta, GA – Even civil rights icons don’t support Black Lives Matter. Andrew Young recently spoke to a group of college students about the harm that their so-called civil rights movement is causing.

LAPD Commission President Matt Johnson filed for a restraining order against Black Lives Matter activist Trevor Gerard.

LAPD Commission President Matt Johnson Seeks Restraining Order Against Black Lives Matter Member Trevor Gerard

LAPD commission president didn’t just stand by idly while Black Lives Matter attempted to intimidate him.