Black Lives Matter

Convicted felon Dominique Alexander will help select the new Dallas Police Chief.

Convicted Felon/Anti-Police Leader Chosen To Help Select Next Dallas Police Chief

Dallas, TX – Controversy is growing over the Dallas City Manager’s selection of Dominique Alexander…

An injured deputy is suing Black Lives Matter.

Injured Baton Rouge Hero Sues Black Lives Matter Leaders

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – An East Baton Rouge Parish Deputy who was injured during a Black Lives Matter…

Baton Rouge Police Department tasered New Black Panther Party members after they broke through a police barricade.

WATCH: Alton Sterling Protesters Break Through Police Barricade, Are Met With Taser Deployments

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Baton Rouge Police Department arrested seven New Black Panther Party members…

Black Lives Matter attacks Christmas.

Black Lives Matter Opposes Law Teaching Students Their Actual Rights, How To Interact With Police

Trenton, New Jersey – A new bill passed last month by the New Jersey Assembly…

Black Lives Matter groups in Chicago blocked the city's main gay pride parade.

Black Lives Matter Blocks Pride Parades Over Involvement Of Police And Jews

Black Lives Matters instigators blocked multiple pride parades…

Stevie Wonder spoke about Black Lives Matter.

WATCH Stevie Wonder: ‘You Cannot Say ‘Black Lives Matter,’ And Then Kill Yourselves’

North Minneapolis, MN – At a peace conference that was held last weekend…

Tucker Carlson was dumbfounded by Black Lives Matter hate speech.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Dumbfounded By Black Lives Matter Speaker Promoting Racism

New York City, NY – On Memorial Day, the New York City chapter of Black Lives Matter…

Black Lives Matter is receiving a peace prize.

‘No Justice, No Peace’ Black Lives Matter Group To Receive Peace Prize

In perhaps one of the most nonsensical awards ever granted, the 2017…

Seattle Antifa announced their plans for combat training their supporters.

Anarchists Plan Combat Training To Fight Police, Charge Outrageous Training Fee

Seattle, WA – Seattle Antifa (anarchists) announced that they will be providing combat training for anarchists…

Black Lives Matter activist Edward Schimenti was arrested for supporting ISIS.

Black Lives Matter Activist Arrested For Providing Assistance To ISIS

Zion, IL – Black Lives Matter activist, Edward Schimenti, and his recruit Joseph Jones, both 35, were arrested about 5:00 AM on Wednesday, for providing assistance to ISIS.