Casey’s Employee Tampers With Pizza For Police Chief, Which He Fed To His Daughters, Pissed Off Chief Ready To Sue

Casey's General Store tampered with a police chief's pizza.

Casey’s General Store tampered with a police chief’s pizza.

Chief Marlon Walker Is Ready To Sue Casey’s General Store After They Tampered With His Pizza

Jefferson City, MO – When Chief Marlon Walker ordered a pizza from Casey’s General Store, he didn’t expect it to be tainted. Unfortunately, the chief didn’t find out about the incident until after he had shared the pizza with his two daughters.

At the end of December or early January, a Hermann police officer working the night shift had ordered a pizza from Casey’s general store. The store manager told him that an officer had his pizza “spat” on, but the manager refused to tell him which officer’s pizza was affected, according to KRCG.

Weeks later, Chief Marlon Walker confronted the store manager about the unidentified officer having their pizza spat on. The store manager then told the chief that it was his pizza that had been tampered with. Not only that, but employee Daniel Robinson had thrown his pizza toppings on the floor as well as spitting on the pizza.

The chief reported the incident to Gasconade County Health Department who confirmed that Robinson had been fired after the incident. Two other employees who witnessed the food tampering and refused to stop Robinson were also suspended and then later terminated.

The manager felt that the incident was isolated and that no further action was required. The manager apparently didn’t think it was important to notify the victim.

“Based on the health department’s report and criminal complaint, employees knew who to reach out to about this but didn’t,” said Chief Walker’s attorney, Grent Boyd. “This shouldn’t be a company practice.”

Gasconade County prosecutors have now charged Daniel Robinson with harassment, and the chief is seriously considering suing Casey’s General Store for failing to notify him.

Not only did they deny the chief a chance to have his daughters and himself tested for diseases early on, but Casey’s kept his money for the tainted pizza. We wish the Chief Marlon Walker the best of luck in suing the Casey’s.