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Bradenton Lieutenant William Weldon, In Fight For His Life, Pistol-Whips Suspect Out Cold

The most badass end to a fight that I've seen.

Apr. 5, 2017

Bradenton, FL – In all of my years as a police officer, the most badass move that I have ever seen was successfully executed by Brandenton Police Lieutenant William Weldon, and it was all captured on video.

Lieutenant William Weldon responded to a burglary alarm at a jewelry store in the 2400 block of 9th Street on April 4th. When the lieutenant arrived, he found a broken window out front and Isaac Dubon, 23, inside, accoring to Fox 13.

Surveillance video shows Lieutenant Weldon’s confrontation with Dubon as the hero interrupts the burglary. Dubon appears to be non-aggressive, and Lt. Weldon holsters his weapon to go hands-on before backup arrives.

That’s when Dubon attacked the hero. During the fight, Isaac Dubon got Lieutenant William Weldon in a headlock, tried to gouge his eyes out, and went for his gun. The fight continued on for one minute and 45 seconds, and the lieutenant never gave up.

Finally, the hero broke free and drew his weapon. As Lieutenant Weldon pointed his gun at Dubon, the burglar continued to aggressively come at the lieutenant.

One minute and 45 seconds is an extraordinarily long time to fight, and even professional athletes would be exhausted. Out of breath and faced with a suspect who showed lethal intent, Lieutenant William Weldon was more than justified in firing his gun; most officers would have. However, most officers don’t have the pair of brass balls that this badass is packing.

Rather than shoot, the lieutenant pistol-whipped the suspect, instantly knocking him out cold. Another officer then arrived to take the suspect into custody while the lieutenant took a moment to recover, no-doubt briefly overwhelmed by how awesome he was.

This is something that they don’t teach you in the police academy. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

You can see the video here:

BlueLivesMatterArchi - July Thu, 2017


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