Blue Lives Matter Membership Launches – How To Join

blue-lives-matter-membershipBlue Lives Matter Launched Public Membership

At the end of a year when ambush attacks on law enforcement have reached unprecedented levels, Blue Lives Matter is launching a platform which allows anybody to help support our American law enforcement heroes.

Blue Lives Matter was founded by active and retired law enforcement officers to provide honest information to the public from a law enforcement perspective. After this horrible year of officers getting ambushed and killed in the streets, we decided that it’s not enough to simply provide information to combat the false narrative being spread about law enforcement in America. We need to take a more active role in protecting the lives of law enforcement officers, and so we are launching our membership which does exactly that.

We cannot accomplish this alone, and that is why we need your support. This membership is open to EVERYBODY, whether you are a law enforcement officer, family member, or American who is tired of these attacks on police and you have a desire to help our police officers defend their lives. By joining our membership, not only will you be supporting police, but we’ve partnered with veteran-owned companies to give you personal benefits for your support.

Joining our Membership is only $45 annually and provides support for police. In return, you will get access to the exclusive members-only section of our website. On the members-only website you will be given exclusive members-only discounts to dozens of law enforcement and veteran owned businesses, Calls To Action where we organize our support for law enforcement, a weekly members-only podcast, and access to our Blue Lives Matter members forum to communicate and organize with other members.

Sign up for the Blue Lives Matter membership today, by clicking HERE.

Do I need to be in law enforcement to join?

Absolutely not, the membership was made for EVERYBODY. Anybody who wishes to do their part to support law enforcement can become a member can get full access to all of the same benefits. Every person who signs up helps us with our goal of providing direct support for law enforcement.

Who is behind Blue Lives Matter?

Blue Lives Matter was founded and is run by active and retired law enforcement officers. Most of our leadership are active law enforcement officers and cannot publicly speak out without violating their agency policies. Our national spokesman is retired Lt. Randy Sutton of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Nevada. Because he is retired, Randy is able to give a voice to the active members of our organization and police officers across America.

Blue Lives Matter national spokesman, retired Lt. Randy Sutton.

Blue Lives Matter national spokesman, retired Lt. Randy Sutton.

Who else is working with Blue Lives Matter on the membership?

JEFF KIRKHAM – Jeff Kirkham spent over 28 years in the US Army special forces (green beret) both active and guard. He spent 4 years as a special agent in the drug enforcement administration as well as 2 years as a deputy sheriff. Jeff retired from the Special Forces after spending 12 years in a counter terrorist unit that specialized in pursuing high value targets. Now Jeff leads the Readyman team helping people master the art of self reliance.

“Readyman is proud to team with Blue Lives Matter, supporting those who protect and serve.” -Jeff Kirkham

Jeff Kirkham – RATS Tourniquet Creator and Owner of ReadyMan

Jeff Kirkham – RATS Tourniquet Creator and Owner of ReadyMan