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St. Louis police are accused by the ACLU of ramming into a crowd of protesters.

VIDEO: ACLU Accuses Police Of ‘Ramming A Police Car Into A Crowd’ – Video Shows The Truth

St. Louis, MO – The ACLU is accusing St. Louis area law enforcement of unlawfully detaining and arresting people, excessive force, unconstitutionally breaking up peaceful assembly, and “ramming a police car into a crowd,” during the St. Louis riots.

Rioters in St. Louis have been attacking police with unidentified chemicals.

Rioters Continue To Launch Chemical Attacks On Police

St. Louis, MO – Rioters in St. Louis have been launching chemical attacks on police officers, and the chemicals that they are using and their health effects are still not known.

There is a chemical leak at Curtis Bay Plant in Baltimore, prompting a shelter in place order.

BREAKING: Baltimore Issues Shelter In Place Order For Three Zip Codes, Close Windows For Level 3 Vapor Cloud

Baltimore, MD – The Baltimore Office Of Emergency Management has issued a shelter in place order for the zip codes of 21060, 21225, 21226 for an ongoing hazmat situation involving a chemical leak.

Georgia Tech University student Scout Schultz was fatally shot after advancing towards officers with a knife.

VIDEO: Officer Shoots Armed Georgia Tech Student After Attempting To De-escalate – Criticized For Not De-Escalating

Atlanta, GA – A Georgia Tech Police Department officer was forced to shoot an armed and apparently suicidal student Saturday night after attempts by the officers to de-escalate failed.

Brett Ligon (left) defended the decision not to pursue the death penalty for Deputy Goforth's killer.

WATCH: ‘He Got The Ultimate Suck’ Prosecutor Says On Conviction Of Deputy Goforth’s Killer

Conroe, TX – Special Prosecutor Brett Ligon spoke out on Wednesday against criticism that the sentence was too light for Shannon Miles, the killer of Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth.

Bryan Batchelor (pictured) was arrested for shooting two Bowie County Deputies and ramming patrol cars.

Homeowner Shoots Deputies Who Respond To His House Fire

Bowie County, TX – When Bowie County Deputies responded to a house fire with the fire department early Sunday morning, the homeowner opened fire on them.

Pennsylvania State Police conducted an emphasis patrol in Midland Borough after the local chief ordered an end to traffic stops. (PA State Police)

Town’s Police Chief Tells Officers To Stop Traffic Enforcement, So State Police Flood Town

Midland Borough, PA – After Midland Burough’s Police Chief sent an order to officers telling them to cease proactive law enforcement, including traffic stops, the Pennsylvania State Police responded by flooding the town with troopers to conduct traffic enforcement.

FOX 2 Reporter Dan Gray and his photographer were chased out of the protest by a hostile crowd.

VIDEO: Protesters Surround, Assault FOX 2 Reporter

St. Louis, MO – FOX 2 news anchor Dan Gray was surrounded and assaulted by Jason Stockley protesters on Friday. His photographer captured video of the incident.

Two women told the Associated Press that the mean police officers sprayed them for no reason while they were attacking the police.

‘When We Started Pushing Police Back They Maced Us Without Warning’ w/Video Of Asskicking

St. Louis, MO – St. Louis activists who were protesting the acquittal of Jason Stockley are crying about being abused by the police after they blocked a police transport van and then started shoving police officers.

Video captured the moment a St. Louis police car was smashed with a small child helping.

VIDEO: St. Louis Rioters Put Little Kid On Police Car To Help Smash It

St. Louis, MO – A St. Louis Police Department vehicle has has it’s windshield smashed in, and video of the incident shows the vandals bringing up child to help them.