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Bryelle Marshall cartwheeled during her field sobriety tests on bodycam video.

VIDEO: Drunk Girl, Bryelle Marshall, Cartwheels Way Through Field Sobriety Tests

Albuquerque, NM – An impaired driver was arrested after she cartwheeled her way through her field sobriety tests.

Tucson Immigration protesters got pepper-sprayed by police.

Video: Immigration Protesters Shriek, ‘They Hurt Me!’ As They Learn Firsthand What Capsaicin Is

Tuscon, Arizona – An immigration protest in Tucson ended in wails of agony from several protesters as officers used pepper-spray to clear the road.

MSU has banned whiteboards after one was used in a criminal racist bullying incident.

Racist Slur Written On Whiteboard On Student’s Dorm; MSU Police: No More Whiteboards For You

East Lansing, Michigan – Michigan State University has banned whiteboards on dorms after an incident of racist bullying.

Kordarell Williams beat his girlfriend's 7-year-old child 62 times in Houston.

Video: Kordarell Williams Captured On Police Video Hitting Child 62 Times In 5 Minutes

Houston, Texas – A low-life has been arrested after being seen on a police camera beating a 7-year-old.

Get Paid To Support Law Enforcement with Blue Lives Rewards

Get Paid To Support Law Enforcement with Blue Lives Rewards

Blue Lives Matter has launched Blue Lives Rewards so that supporters of law enforcement can support Blue Lives Matter’s mission while getting paid.

The Ford Explorer, including police models, have had carbon monoxide leaks reported.

Is Your Ford Explorer Making You Sick? Blamed For At Least One Patrol Car Crash

The Ford Explorer is one of the most popular patrol cars in the United States since Ford canceled production of the Crown Victoria.

Video of police tackling homicide suspect, Donnell Howard.

VIDEO: Indiana Officer’s Badass Takedown Of Suspect Who Killed Teen Girl; Police Blamed For Her Death

Hammond, Indiana – Video has been released showing an Indiana officer tackling a homicide suspect after a pursuit.

Hardin County Deputy Jailer Joe Funk and Deputy Clennon Smith in a fight on video.

Video: Two Hardin County, Kentucky Deputies In Jailhouse Brawl Caught On Camera

Hardin County, KY – Two Hardin County deputies got into a physical fight, which left one arrested and suspended from his job.

Dashcam video shows a Newington police officer being dragged 500 feet.

Video: Newington Police Officer Dragged 500 Feet Down Road

Newington, CT – A Newington police officer was dragged about 500 feet down the road when he tried to stop a shoplifting suspect.

A New York State Trooper was dragged on a traffic stop, which was captured on video.

Video: Bloodied Trooper Takes Down Driver Who Dragged Him

Hempstead, Long Island – Footage of a bloodied trooper arresting the suspect who dragged him is now available.