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Kelli Davis called police "thugs in blue" and then blamed hackers.

Memphis Counselor Kelli Davis Calls Police ‘Thugs in Blue,’ Accused Of Leaking Their Personal Information

Counselor Kelli Davis made her views about police known when she posted on social media that they were “thugs in blue.”

King County's Council has proposed an immigration defense fund.

King County Council Taxpayer-Funded $750,000 Account To Defend Illegal Immigrants From Deportation

Seattle, WA – A one-time legal defense fund of $750,000 for immigrants and refugees has been proposed by King County Council members.

Montgomery Police Officer Carlos Taylor Fighting For His Life; In Critical Condition

Montgomery Police Officer Carlos Taylor Fighting For His Life; In Critical Condition

Montgomery, AL – Montgomery Police Officer Carlos Taylor is fighting for his life after a crash Friday afternoon.

WWII Navy Veteran William Barclay had his flags burned down.

WWII Veteran William Barclay’s Flags Burned at Las Vegas Residence

Las Vegas, NV – A 92-year-old World War II veteran, William Barclay, woke up heartbroken on Wednesday morning after he found the flags that he loved in ashes.

Liberty County Precinct 1 Constable Justin Johnston is in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle.

Truck Plows Through Officer And Patrol Cars; Constable Justin Johnston Has Life-Threatening Injuries

Dayton, TX – Liberty County Precinct 1 Constable Justin Johnston, was struck by a vehicle Wednesday afternoon, and remains in critical condition.

The Day Without Immigrants protests has a lot of U.S. citizens participating.

Nationwide ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Protests And Closed Businesses

Thursday, February 16, has been designated “A Day Without Immigrants”, by several groups, as a protest about efforts to remove illegal immigrants from the country.

Enrique Marquez pleaded guilty to providing assistance for the San Bernadino Massacre terrorist attack.

Enrique Marquez Pleads Guilty In San Bernardino Massacre

San Bernardino, CA – A Riverside man, Enrique Marquez, Jr., age 25, has admitted his guilt and will plead guilty to supplying guns for the San Bernardino shooter Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik.

Erick Esquivel was arrested after trying to murder a Santa Maria police officer.

Erick Esquivel, High on Drugs, Strangles Santa Maria Police Officer With Microphone Cord

Santa Maria, CA – A suspect believed to be high on drugs, Erick Esquivel, was arrested on Saturday night for trying to kill a Santa Maria Police Officer.

RCMP Corporal Ken Barker committed suicide after he responded to the gruesome scene where Will Baker beheaded Tim McLean.

Cannibal Killer Will Baker Walks Free, His Victim And RCMP Corporal Ken Barker Still Dead

Just a few years after committing a horrific murder which resulted in an RCMP Corporal committing suicide, the killer is walking free.

Deputy Thomas Hillabrand was fired over social media posts, and he has now been reinstated.

Fired Over Facebook Posts, Lucas County Deputy Thomas Hillabrand Gets Reinstated With Back Pay

Lucas County, OH – Lucas County Deputy Thomas Hillabrand, who was fired in August 2016 over social media posts, has been reinstated.