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Orting Valley Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Steve Goodwin rammed a gate to save a UPS Driver.

UPS Driver Was Being Mauled By 4 Pitbulls – But A Man Wouldn’t Open Gate For Fire Chief, So He Channeled Inner Police Officer

Pierce County, WA – When a man locked a fire chief out from responding to a UPS driver being attacked by four pit bulls, he rammed the gate to save the driver.

Flint Police Department is hiring officers and paying less than security guard wages.

One Of America’s Most Violent Cities Offers New Cops Lower Salary Than Security Guards

Flint, MI – Flint, America’s 11th most violent city, has opened up applications for new police officers with…

Manatee County's sign language interpreter wasn't exactly qualified.

Manatee County’s Hurricane Irma Sign Language Interpreter Warned Of Pizza, Monsters, And Bears

Manatee County, FL – For unknown reasons, Manatee County was not prepared to assist their deaf residents at a September 8 press conference held at the Manatee County Emergency Operations Center, in the days before Hurricane Irma’s arrival.

Video shows Kenneka Jenkins walking to a freezer where she froze to death.

Protesters Demand Justice For Kenneka Jenkins Who Walked Into Hotel Freezer And Froze

Rosemont, IL – Public speculation and outrage about what happened to Kenneka Jenkins, age 19, has run rampant since her body was found inside a hotel freezer on Sunday morning, September 10.

St. Louis Friday night riot recap.

Ten St. Louis Cops Injured During Friday Night Riot – Mayor’s Home, Businesses Vandalized

St. Louis, MO – Protests became violent in St. Louis after the acquittal of former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley.

Video shows the moment that two robbers attacked a man with a crowbar.

VIDEO: Robbers Attack Man With Crowbar, UPS Employees Rush In To Save Him

Gardena, CA – A man attacked by two suspects is recovering tonight after UPS employees and bank employees saved his life.

Gerald Grandzol was murdered during a carjacking when he wouldn't leave his 2-year-old daughter behind.

Man Murdered During Carjacking Because He Wouldn’t Leave 2-Year-Old Daughter Behind

Philadelphia, PA – A Philadelphia father was murdered in front of his two-year-old daughter by carjackers on Thursday, September 7.

The College Park city council voted to grant voting rights to non-citizens.

College Park City Council Votes To Allow Non-U.S. Citizens To Vote

College Park, MD – After a heated debate, and threats which required police to be on-hand, on Tuesday night, College Park council members voted to allow non-citizen residents to vote in local elections.

Wilford Burgess was captured on video throwing a trespasser off of his roof.

VIDEO: ‘I’m Going To The Roof, That Sucker’s Coming Off’ 83-Year-Old Ends Police Standoff By Throwing Suspect Off Roof

La Puente, CA – An 83-year-old grandfather got tired of waiting for the police to end a standoff with a man on his roof, so he went up and handled it personally.

The University of Virginia was founded by Thomas Jefferson, and now the students and faculty are calling him a white supremacist rapist.

VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Covers UVA Thomas Jefferson Statue With Tarp, Issue Demands

Charlottesville, VA – On Tuesday night, September 12, a crowd of about 100 Black Lives Matter activists, all students, faculty, and local residents, gathered at the statue of Thomas Jefferson on the campus of the University of Virginia, and issued a list of demands for the University.