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The eight-year-old members of the Belleville Junior Comanches football team kneeled during the national anthem.

Football Coach Teaches 8-Year-Olds To Kneel During National Anthem After Ex-Cop Was Acquitted

Belleville, IL – Public outrage is building over photos that show Orlando “Doc” Gooden leading his football team in kneeling during the National Anthem at a game on Sunday, September 17 in a support of the St. Louis protesters.

Allyson Thompson is being investigated for her treatment of newborns.

VIDEO: Navy Corpsman To Get Military Justice For Forcing Newborns To Dance, Flipping Them Off

Jacksonville, FL – Military families are outraged over photos and a video that shows a Corpsman posting pictures of new-born babies, inappropriate comments, and videos of them holding the babies and treating them like puppets while dancing to music.

CHP Officer Dane Norem saved the life of a jumper, refusing to let go even as he was being stabbed.

VIDEO: CHP Officer Hangs On To Stop Jumper, Even As He Was Being Repeatedly Stabbed In The Face

Riverside, CA – California Highway Patrol Officer Dane Norem was working his usual night shift on October 25, 2012, when he became involved in an incident that would change his life.

A McDonalds manager stabbed a thug who attacked him.

Group Of Thugs Attack, Threaten To Shoot McDonald’s Manager – But They Chose The Wrong Victim

Des Moines, WA – A McDonald’s manager stabbed a suspect after being repeatedly assaulted on Sunday, September 17.

Pizza Shop Employee Prints Obscene Message On Cop’s Receipt – Restaurant Gives Awesome Response

Pizza Shop Employee Prints Obscene Message On Cop’s Receipt – Restaurant Gives Awesome Response

Torrance, CA – A Torrance police officer who was disrespected because of his uniform at a Pieology restaurant doesn’t hold any hard feelings, just a question to the server about what made them hate cops so much.

A Jefferson High School student says he was suspended for refusing to take down the flag on his truck.

High School Student Says He Was Suspended For ‘Blue Lives Matter Flag’ On His Truck

Cedar Rapids, IA – A Jefferson High School student is still flying the Blue Lives Matter flag on his truck despite a school suspension and their directive to take it down.

St. Louis riots continued for a third night.

Riot Recap: St. Louis Police Chant ‘Whose Streets? Our Streets’ While Arresting Rioters On Third Night

St. Louis, MO – Rioting continued for a third straight night in St. Louis over the acquittal of former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley in the officer-involved shooting and death of Lamar Anthony Smith.

A woman repeatedly stabbed Troy Parks after finding him sexually assaulting her daughter.

Woman Finds Her Boyfriend Naked On Her 12-Year-Old Daughter, Then She Pulled Her Knife Out And Got Stabby

Cleveland, OH – A suspect was stabbed repeatedly on Tuesday, September 12, after his girlfriend discovered him naked on top of her 12-year-old daughter.

NJ State Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg was obnoxious throughout her contact with police before being arrested.

Body-Cam Video Of NJ State Assemblywoman’s DUI Arrest: Calls Cops ‘F-ing A-holes,’ Ignores Orders

Mount Lauren, NJ – Body-cam video was released on Friday, September 15, that shows the interaction between New Jersey Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg during a fender-bender investigation by New Jersey police officers.

Governor Eric Greitens says that no rioting or looting will be tolerated.

After Politicians Call For Safe Space For Rioting, Governor Promises The Only Safe Space They Will Have Is A Jail Cell

St. Louis, MO – Violence continued for a second night in St. Louis after the acquittal of former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley.