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A Pearl police officer's home was targeted in a shooting while he was inside with his wife.

Police Officer’s Home Shot Up After City Councilman Tells People To Throw Rocks At Cops

Jackson, MS – Unknown suspects shot into Pearl Police Officer Alfred Jenkins’ home 30 times on Wednesday night while he and his wife took cover inside

17-year-old Kimber Wood used her gun to scare off a wanted felon.

Felon Breaks Into House, Gets Confronted By 17-Year-Old Girl With Gun

Spokane, WA – A wanted felon picked the wrong house to break into and was confronted by an armed 17-year-old girl, Kimber Woods.

Fresno County Sheriff's Officer Sergeant Rod Lucas was killed by another detective.

Detective Jared Mullis Charged In Fatal Accidental Shooting Of Sergeant Rod Lucas

Fresno, CA – Fresno County Sheriff’s Detective Jared Mullis, who fatally shot Fresno County Sheriff’s Sergeant Rod Lucas in an accidental weapon discharge in 2016, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Good Samaritan, Joey Marines, appeared unsure if he would be interfering if he helped an officer.

VIDEO: Citizen Sees Officer In A Ground Fight, Immediately Walks Over – Stands Around Awkwardly

Weslaco, TX – Good Samaritan, Joey Marines, was in the right place at the right time when a Weslaco Police Officer was involved in a violent confrontation with a suspect.

Cee Da-Prophet recovered his wallet from a thief after publicly shaming him.

VIDEO: Victim Catches Thief Who Stole His Wallet, Publicly Shames Him As They Wait For Cops

Brooklyn, NY – A victim who caught a thief stealing his wallet had a unique form of punishment while he waited for police to arrive: he publicly shamed the man, taking selfies with the thief, and recorded himself calling the thief out.

Joshua Salovich is charged with beating a 3-year-old girl to death for not answering math problems correctly.

Three-Year-Old Mississippi Girl Beaten To Death For Answering Math Problems Incorrectly

Jackson, MS – Three-year-old Bailey Salovich was beaten to death on Friday after she was unable to answer math problems correctly.

Alana Donahue couldn't understand why people had a problem with her playing with her kids.

Oregon Mother Arrested For Trying To ‘Show Her Kids A Good Time’

Springfield, OR – Oregon mother, Alana Donahue, didn’t see anything wrong with towing three small children…

Timothy Lowe and Rashada Hurley are accused of kidnapping and raping a woman while the couple was on their honeymoon.

Couple on Honeymoon Kidnapped and Raped Woman Taken from Grocery Store

Hialeah, FL – A Georgia couple on their honeymoon kidnapped a woman from a grocery store parking lot…

Philly Police told parents to start parenting their children instead of letting them run wild in Germantown at night.

VIDEO: 500 Rioting Teens Throw Bottles At Police – Captain Tells Parents To Act Like Parents

Philadelphia, PA – More than 500 teens gathered in a mob and targeted police by taunting them, throwing bottles at them, and jumping on top of their cars…

Austin PD is considering pulling over half of their vehicles as Ford refuses to recall them.

Eight Austin Police Officers Poisoned By Their Cars In Past Week – May Pull All Interceptors In Fleet

Austin, TX – Due to continuing problems with Ford Explorers and carbon monoxide poisoning, Austin police officers have been advised by their union to drive them with the windows down…