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Mayor Eula Clarke is going to be forced out of her position by other commissioners.

City Commission To Force Florida Mayor Eula Clarke Out Of Office For Insulting Police

Stuart, Florida – City Commissioners are taking action to oust Stuart Mayor Eula Clarke after she openly insulted an officer in her town.

The Stuart Mayor Eula Clarke insulted a police officer at a store.

Mayor Eula Clarke Tells Police, ‘I Didn’t Know We Were Serving Pig Tonight’

An officer was just shopping in a grocery store when an insult was directed his way from the town’s mayor.

FedEx man was unafraid as he waded into the group of flag-burners, because he knew that there wasn't a man among them.

Video: FedEx Driver Takes On Entire Group Of Flag-Burners To Save Old Glory

Iowa City, Iowa – A group of flag-burners learned the hard way that they aren’t on the internet any more when a FedEx delivery man got out of his truck and extinguished their attempts to burn an American flag.

Brenda Floyd was arrested for striking her elderly patient.

VIDEO: Brenda Floyd Arrested For Assaulting Elderly Alzheimer Patient

Houston, TX – Brenda Floyd, a woman brought in to be a caregiver for 94-year-old Alzheimer’s patient, has been arrested after her abusive behavior was caught on a hidden camera.

The Revolutionary Black Panther party will hold an armed march on Sunday.

The Revolutionary Black Panther Party Is Holding An Illegal Armed March This Weekend

Wilmington, NC – Area residents and the Wilmington Police Department are concerned about an armed march planned for Sunday by The Revolutionary Black Panther Party of Wilmington.

Terry Morgan stopped armed robbers from entering his house.

Video: Dallas Homeowner Terry Morgan Grabs His Boomstick And Confronts Armed Robbers At His Door

Dallas, Texas – A group of burglars got a rude awakening over the weekend after one armed homeowner fought back.

Secret Service Special Agent Kerry O'Grady has left people wondering if she can do her job.

Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady Says ‘I’m With Her,’ Won’t Take a Bullet For President Trump

Denver, CO – 23-year Secret Service veteran Kerry O’Grady is under fire after a recent article was released on Tuesday calling her out for denouncing her civil pledge to protect our President.

Portland protesters are demanding the police chief's resignation.

Portland Protesters Demand Police Chief Resign Or They’d Shut Down City

Portland, OR – Inauguration Day brought riots and protests in major cities all across the country. The city of Portland was no exception…

Soulja Boy was arrested in possession of a stolen law enforcement pistol.

Rapper Soulja Boy Arrested In Possession Of Cop’s Stolen Gun

Los Angeles, CA – DeAndre Cortez Way aka “Soulja Boy” is facing felony charges after being found in possession of multiple firearms while on probation.

"Pacman" Adam Jones acted extremely inappropriately before and after his arrest.

Video: Cincinnati Bengals’ “Pacman” Adam Jones Tells Officer “I Hope You Die”

Cincinnati, OH – Recently released video from an officer’s dash cam shows Cincinnati Bengals player “Pacman” Adam Jones go on a vulgar rant.