Author: Andrew Blake

Authorities found Jose Duran nailed to a tree in a story that even Duran admits is hard to believe.

VIDEO: Man Found Nailed To Tree

A man who claims he was intimidated by people involved in a “ugly” real estate deal was found nailed to a tree by a city worker.

Quanterus Smith was arrested while fleeing police after a $500 robbery.

VIDEO: NFL Player, Who Made $575,000 A Year, Flees From Police After $500 Robbery – Gets Taken Down

A former NFL player who once made $575,000 a year was arrested in connect with an armed robbery of an AT&T store in Douglas County, according to the sheriff’s office.

An NYPD officer triggered a SJW who was blaming Trump for the Charlottesville attack.

VIDEO: NYPD Officer Makes Quick Joke to Heckler – SJW Completely Loses Her Mind

An NYPD officer made a joke to the anti-Trump social justice warriors who were heckling him, and it made at least one lose her mind …

A car with the driver inside fell seven stories from a parking garage and landed nose first into the pavement.

VIDEO: Car Plummets From Seventh Story Of Parking Garage With Driver Inside

Police released a video of a BMW with the driver inside falling seven stories in a parking garage on July 13 and clipping a car after it landed nose first on the pavement.

NFL running back Marshawn Lynch took a knee during the national anthem. His coach said that's something he's been doing on-and-off for 11 years.

NFL Player Marshawn Lynch Sits For National Anthem, Explains Bizarre Reasoning

NFL running back Marshawn Lynch sat on a Gatorade cooler during the playing of the national anthem Saturday during an NFL pre-season game between the Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals.

Kirsty Powell was awarded $85,000 by the city of Long Beach after the police removed her hijab after arresting her.

Wanted Criminal Gets $85,000 In Taxpayer Money Because Hijab Removed For Booking

A Muslim woman was awarded $85,000 by the city of Long Beach in the settlement of a federal lawsuit where she had her hijab pulled off after she was arrested.

Mancini Pizza is accused of writing "pig" on an officer's pizza box. They provided a photo of what they say is the offending box.

Mancini Pizzeria In New Jersey Accused Of Writing Insult On Officer’s Pizza Box

A New Jersey pizza restaurant is under a social media assault over a claim an employee wrote “pig” on a pizza box on Aug. 1, something the family owners say is a misunderstanding and inaccurate.

Richland County administrator Kevin Bronson told EMS workers if they didn't like their jobs to go kill themselves. The county had a police officer kill himself less than two weeks earlier.

After Deputy Kills Himself On Duty, County Admin Tells EMS To Kill Themselves If They Don’t Like Jobs

Less than two weeks after this city’s sheriff deputy shot himself in his patrol car, a Richland County assistant county administrator is accused of telling disgruntled EMS employees that if they didn’t like their jobs they should just kill themselves or just quit.

NBA star Zach Randolph was arrested with two pounds of marijuana on his possession at a party that left six police cars damaged.

NBA Star Zach Randolph Arrested For Dealing Drugs At Massive Party, Results In Riot Against Police

NBA star Zach Randolph was arrested in Los Angeles Aug. 9 allegedly with about two pounds of marijuana on him that was in a large backpack at a street party that got out of hand when partiers attacked and damaged six police vehicles.

An corpse strapped to a gurney fell out of a coroner's van and was left in the middle of an intersection.

VIDEO: Dead Body Falls Out Of Coroner’s Trunk, Gets Left In Intersection

A corpse strapped to a gurney fell out of a coroner’s van and overturned in the middle of an intersection as a motorist captured the scene on video.