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David Watson escaped custody after a long history of attempting to murder police officers in their homes.

Inmate David Watson, Sentenced To 106 Years For Shooting Into Officers’ Homes, Escapes, Manhunt Underway

Jessup, MD – Inmate David Watson escaped from custody after…

Fuasko Petrus was sexually assaulted and murdered on the Highlands High School track.

Man Sexually Assaults, Beats 86-Year-Old Hero Fuasko Petrus To Death On Highlands High School Track

North Highlands, CA – Fusako Petrus, 86, fought for her life, and for her 61-year-old neighbor’s life

Booneville Police Chief Albert Brown was shot in an ambush attack.

Booneville Police Chief Albert Brown Ambushed And Shot On Call of Suicidal Subject

Booneville, AR – Booneville Police Chief Albert Brown was shot early Wednesday after he…

Dashcam video shows a handcuffed topless woman in a pepper spray war with police in the back of a cop car.

VIDEO: Topless Woman Gets In Pepper Spray Fight With Police In Back Of Cop Car

Columbus, Ohio – Dash camera video shows a topless handcuffed woman get into a pepper spray fight with officers while she was in the back of a patrol car.

Anarchists with Antifa and the right-wing are facing a potential clash at a Berkeley free speech rally.

IN PROGRESS: Free-Speech Gathering In Berkeley, Hundreds Ready To Brawl With Anarchists

Berkeley, CA – Student republicans, right-wing, free-speech supporters, and the alt-right all gathered at the UC Berkeley …

The Texas House of Representatives passed a bill to criminalize failure to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

Texas Lawmakers Pass Immigration Bill, Threaten To Arrest Police Administrators Who Don’t Comply

Texas Sanctuary City Ban Austin, TX –  The Republican-controlled House in the state of Texas decided to take matters into its own hands early Thursday morning when it approved a…

North Carolina Department of Corrections Sergeant Megan Lee Callahan EOW 04/26/2017.

Hero Down: Sergeant Megan Lee Callahan Murdered By Inmate

Bertie County, NC – Bertie Correctional Sergeant Megan Lee Callahan was murdered by an inmate on Wednesday evening…

Photo of the suspect's house after the gun battle where he was killed.

BREAKING: Corporal Stephen Ballard’s Killer ‘Neutralized’ – Bear, DE

Bear, DE – Delaware State Police Corporal Stephen Ballard’s killer was “neutralized” after a standoff that lasted all night.