War On Police

After an employee refused service to a Hampton Police Officer, McDonald's has responded.

Hampton McDonald’s Gives A Great Response To Refusing An Officer Service

Hampton, VA – McDonald’s has now responded after a police officer in full uniform was refused service at a Hampton McDonald’s after making him wait 26 minutes.


Fallen Hero Lt. Debra Clayton’s Memorial Vandalized

Fallen Hero Lt. Debra Clayton’s Memorial Vandalized Orlando, FL. – Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton’s memorial was vandalized just a day after her killer made his first court appearance. The SUV…

A Hampton McDonald's employee refused service to an officer.

McDonald’s Employee Refuses Officer Service After Making Him Wait For Almost Half An Hour

Hampton, VA – A police officer in full uniform was reportedly refused service at a Hampton McDonald’s after making him wait 26 minutes.

Walmart fired Officer Michael Zuby for coming to store while armed.

Taylor Police Officer Michael Zuby Fired From Off-Duty Job At Walmart for Carrying Firearm Into Store While On Duty

When Officer Michael Zuby went to Walmart while in uniform and on-duty, he wasn’t expecting to get fired.

DC Police will not be able to run on their body cameras at inauguration day protests.

DC Police Prohibited From Having Body Cameras On At Inauguration Day Protests

Washington DC – All DC Police Officers have recently been outfitted with body cameras, but they will be in serious trouble if they have them on during the Inauguration Day protests.

Michael Tobin, head of the DC Department of Police Complaints, says they'll be watching the police.

Police Will Not Be Trusted To Handle Capitol Inaugural Day Protests Without Special Police To Watch Them

Washington D.C. – Special police tasks forces will be brought in to police the planned Inaugural Day protests, but it’s not the protesters that they’ll be policing, it’s the law enforcement officers.

Sgt Adam Lin's property was seized from lawsuit stemming from the shooting of Dontrell Stephens.

Palm Beach County Sergeant Adam Lin’s Property, Pets, Clothes All Seized For Leverage Against Sheriff

Palm Beach County, FL – In an unprecedented move, a defense attorney viciously went after Palm Beach County Sgt. Adam Lin’s property to collect on a $22.4 million settlement awarded by a jury in February, 2016.

Tampa PD K9 Indo and Officer Tim Bergman were doused with flaming liquid.

Flaming Accelerant Thrown on Tampa PD K9 Indo And Officer Bergman By Suspect

Tampa, FL – A suspect threw flaming accelerant on Tampa Police Officer Tim Bergman and his K9 Indo on Thursday.

Krispy Kreme's response to the Black Lives Matter box sucks.

Krispy Kreme Offers Unacceptable Response To Serving Cop A Black Lives Matter Box

Krispy Kreme’s Response Tip-Toes Around Black Lives Matter Smyrna, GA – We broke the story on Wednesday about a Krispy Kreme employee serving a police officer a Black Lives Matter…

A Krispy Kreme employee showed their disrespect towards a customer who was a police officer.

Krispy Kreme Gives Cop A Box Of Black Lives Matter Instead of Doughnuts

Smyrna, GA – When a Smyrna Police Department officer picked up his order of doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, he wasn’t expecting the surprise message that came with it: Black Lives Matter.