A Buffalo police officer ran over a man armed with a knife.

Video Shows Buffalo Police Officer Run Over Knife-Wielding Man To Save Partner

Buffalo, NY – A Buffalo police officer was captured on video running over a knife-wielding man in order to save his partner.

A Hayward Convenience store robbery was stopped by clerks who beat-up robber.

WATCH: Hayward Robbery Stopped By Clerks Who Disarm Robber And Beat Piss Out Of Him With His Gun

Hayward, California – A robber entered a Hayward convenience store and pointed a gun in the clerk’s face. The robber then got the beatdown of his life.

Bodycam Footage shows the Phoenix Police gunfight with Francis Clark.

Bodycam Footage Of Police Gun Battle Shows Officers Being Ambushed By Francis Clark

Phoenix Police Department officers were approaching an apartment building when a suspect suddenly jumped out from around a vehicle and shot them.

Lowell Police made traffic stops that are going viral.

Lowell Police Department Does Extreme Take On Feel-Good Traffic Stops

Lowell, MI – The Lowell Police Department went way beyond the typical community outreach “feel-good traffic stop” idea when they tried to give back to the community while making traffic stops.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Realeased Bodycam Footage

Bodycam Footage Released From Murder Of Two Americus, Georgia Officers

Georgia Bureau of Investigation Released Bodycam Footage Of GA Officers Killed On Duty Americus, GA –Bodycam footage was released today by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation of the shooting death…

Officer Andy Rodriguez Thrown Into The Air After Being Hit By Drunk Driver

Officer Andy Rodriguez Thrown Into The Air After Being Hit By Drunk Driver

A drunk driver struck El Paso Police Officer Randy Rodriguez while performing a sobriety test Friday morning at approximately 3 o’clock a.m..

Wauwatosa Officer Joseph Mensah was captured on video defending his life from Jay Anderson.

DA Announces No Charges in Wauwatosa Officer Joseph Mensah Shooting Of Jay Anderson

Wauwatosa, WI – Video has been released in the officer-involved shooting of Jay Anderson after the District Attorney determined that the shooting was justified.

Blanchard Officer Jordyn Jones CPR video.

Officer Jordyn Jones Performs Life-Saving Roadside CPR

Blanchard, OK – Officer Jordyn Jones of the Blanchard Police Department was captured on video as he rushed to the aid of a woman in cardiac arrest Monday.

Trooper Michael Cokins was run over by a DUI driver.

VIDEO: Drunk Driver Leslie Thurow Runs Over Trooper Michael Cokins At Freeway Speeds

Chicago – 61-year-old Leslie Thurow was sentenced on Thursday to 13 years in prison for driving drunk and running over Trooper Michael Cokins.

Sinksar Solomon Rams A Fire Truck Out Of Rage Against Police

Sinksar Solomon Rams A Fire Truck Out Of Rage Against Police

Conway, SC – Sinksar Solomon was arrested for reckless driving after intentionally ramming her vehicle into a fire truck and blaming it on her anti-police frustrations.