A May River High School student was suspended for throwing the volleyball at the officer.

May River HS Student Knocks Officer Off Bike In ‘Prank,’ Records The Whole Thing

Bluffton, SC – A video has been going viral which shows a May River High School student throwing a volleyball at a police officer to knock her off of her bike.

Sussex Police ran when confronted by Jamshid Piruz.

Bodycam: Sussex Police Demonstrate Tactical Running Away In WTF? Video

Bodycam footage of a horrific assault has left many American law enforcement officers shaking their heads.

Troup County Deputy Michael Hockett was shot by Matthew Edmondson

Dashcam Video Of Troup County Deputy Michael Hockett Getting Ambushed, Shot By Matthew Edmondson

Troup County, GA – Dashcam footage has been released of Deputy Michael Hockett being ambushed and shot by Matthew Edmondson on January 9th.

Two men attempted to rob the Dixie Gun And Pawn store.

Idiots Try To Rob Dixie Gun Store, Briefly Learn Why You Don’t Rob Gun Stores

Mableton, Georgia – Two idiots who are unfamiliar with gun stores tried to rob one, and they learned the hard way why you don’t rob gun stores.

An LAPD pursuit resulted in the arrest of Marcos Tulio Flores.

Marcos Tulio Flores Shoots At Police In 90 Minute Low-Speed Pursuit, Then The Cops Unleash The Fur Missile

Los Angeles, CA – Marcos Tulio Flores shot his sister-in-law and then later shot at police Monday night, but his violent rampage came to an end when the officers sent their K9 after him.

Video of the gunfight at the Chandler, Arizona Walmart.

Video Released From Chandler, Arizona Walmart Gunfight

Chandler, Arizona – Video of the gunfight at the Chandler Walmart has been released.

Dash camera video of Valley Brook Officer Brian Southerland being shot.

Dash Camera Footage Of Valley Brook Officer Brian Southerland Being Shot

Oklahoma City, OK – Video has been released from Officer Brian Southerland’s dash camera showing him being shot on News Year’s Day.


Paul Gudanowski Steals Flatbed Truck, Leads Police On Pursuit With An Occupied Patrol Car Attached To Back

Suffern, NY – A suspect, Paul Gudanowski, stole a flatbed truck in New Jersey, during the night Monday morning, and then led police on a bizarre chase…

A Philadelphia Police Officer was captured on video winning a fight which prompted police brutality claims.

Latest ‘Police Brutality’ Video Just Shows Philadelphia Officer Winning a Fight

Philadelphia, PA – The latest viral video showing “police brutality” clearly shows a police officer defending herself from an attack by a suspect resisting arrest, but the internet doesn’t see it that way.

Drunk Man Charges Menasha Officer’s Car, Bellyflops On Windshield

Drunk Man Charges Menasha Officer’s Car, Bellyflops On Windshield

Menasha, WI – A man decided to celebrate the new year by getting drunk, attacking people, and charging a police car.