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Madonna drew cheers as she talked about her thoughts on blowing up the White House.

Madonna Talks About Wanting To Blow Up White House In Speech

Washington, DC – Madonna had two words Saturday for anyone who dared to claim that the Women’s March on Washington wouldn’t accomplish anything: “F*** you!”

Anthony Phillips attacked an officer and tried to take his gun.

Officer Tackled At Airport, Suspect, Anthony Phillips, Went For Gun; Citizens Stepped In To Open Can Of Whoop Ass

Atlanta, GA – Video has been released that shows the violent struggle between airline passenger, Anthony Phillips, and a police officer…

President Donald Trump left a message of support for law enforcement on the White House website.

Official White House Website Immediately Updated With Amazing Message For Police

The official WhiteHouse.Gov website was immediately updated when President Trump was inaugurated, and it now displays a promise to law enforcement.

Westwego Officer Michael Louviere, your life mattered.

Hero Down: Westwego Police Officer Michael Louviere, Murdered When Ambushed From Behind

Westwego, Louisiana – Westwego Police Officer Michael Louviere was shot in the back of the head and killed early Friday, January 20, 2017.

Inauguration Day riots

Police Under Attack In DC As Rioting Breaks Out

Washington, DC – As newly elected President Donald Trump was taking the oath of office today, Friday, January 20, 2017, violent riots broke out nearby.

Bloomingdale Officer Raymond Murrell was killed on Thursday in a traffic collision.

Hero Down: Bloomingdale Officer Raymond Murrell Killed

Bloomingdale, IL – Bloomingdale Police Officer Raymond Murrell, age 27, was killed Thursday night, January 19, 2017.

Sylvester Holt is a suspect in the murder of Officer Michael Louvier and a female.

Massive Manhunt For Sylvester Holt, Suspect In Murder Of Officer And Woman

Marrero, Louisiana – A massive manhunt is underway for Sylvester Holt, who is suspected of shooting and killing Westwego Police Officer Michael Louviere early Friday…

Florida Man, Dominic Puopolo Jr., Vows To Assassinate President Trump, Tweets It To Secret Service

Florida Man, Dominic Puopolo Jr., Vows To Assassinate President Trump, Tweets It To Secret Service

Miami Beach, FL – A Florida man vowed to assassinate Donald Trump, and he tweeted the threat to the Secret Service.

CNN lays out the plan for the assassination of President-Elect Trump to leave President Obama in office.

CNN Lays Out Plan For Trump Assassination That Would Leave Obama In Office

Wolf Blitzer of CNN and Brian Todd, CNN contributor, appeared desperate as they began opening discussing the assassination of incoming President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Marc Lamont Hill will be getting paid a lot of money to speak at ESU.

Black Lives Matter Activist And Cop-Killer Supporter Dr. Marc Lamont Hill To Speak At East Carolina University

Greenville, NC – East Carolina University is paying a large sum of money to Dr. Marc Lamont Hill as the featured speaker for their 2017 Martin Luther King celebration.