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Details about the capture of Markeith Loyd.

Orlando PD Provides Details On The Capture Of Cop-Killer Markeith Loyd

Orlando, FL – Orlando Police Department provided details on the capture of cop-killer Markeith Loyd, who was found while wearing body armor along with multiple firearms and ammunition.

Blue Lives Matter national spokesmen Randy Sutton (pictured) host Blue Lives Radio.

Blue Lives Radio: Walmart Fires Officer Michael Zuby, For Carrying A Gun

In True David vs Goliath like-fashion, Pennsylvania Police Officer Michael Zuby takes on Retail Giant Walmart for wrongful termination. We’ll talk to Officer Michael Zuby and his attorney today on Blue Lives Radio.

Blue Lives Matter national spokesmen Randy Sutton (pictured) host Blue Lives Radio.

Blue Lives Radio: “Police Leadership Lacks Courage” Interview With Tulsa PD Major Travis Yates

On this weeks episode of Blue Lives Radio, Randy Sutton interviews Tulsa Police Department Major Travis Yates on the topic of police leadership and courage.

An American Blue Line flag was hung above the Police As Pigs painting in the U.S. Capitol.

Thin Blue Line Flag Outshines Anti-Police Pig Painting Hung By Dem. Rep. Lacy Clay

Washington, D.C. – FOX News’ Chad Pergram, from his official Twitter Account, posted a picture of the disgraceful painting that has been under public scrutiny and outrage, but above it was an American Thin Blue Line Flag affixed to the wall.

New York Giants Nickname secondary after New York's Finest!

New York Giants Nickname Their Secondary After ‘New York’s Finest’

The New York Giants nicknamed their secondary after a bold police related theme after they claim to “handcuff” their opponents’ quarterbacks.

Anthony Frazier was murdered.

Anthony Frazier, Son Of Kannapolis Police Officer, Murdered In Charlotte Shooting

Charlotte, North Carolina- Anthony Frazier, the son of a Kannapolis police officer, was shot in the head Monday night. He has since died from his injuries while in Carolinas Medical Center.

Rapper Tru Keezy Stages Bank Robbery In Front Of Bank For Rap Video

Rapper Tru Keezy Stages Bank Robbery In Front Of Bank For Rap Video

Lake Jackson, TX – On January 1, 2017 rapper Tru Keezy and his musical partner Yung Groovey decided it would be a great idea to stage a bank robbery…

Indianapolis Colts Matt Overton supports police.

Indianapolis Colts Matt Overton’s Wish For Police In 2017

Indianapolis, IN – The Indianapolis Colts Matt Overton tweeted his support for America’s police officers in 2017, while acknowledging a tough year in 2016.

60 Minutes attacks Chicago PD.

60 Minutes “Crisis In Chicago” Blames Chicago Police for Murder Rate Increase

On Sunday, 60 Minutes made some outlandish, and illogical accusations against the Chicago Police Department, when they blamed the police officers themselves for the drastic increase in the city’s murder rate.

LAPD Officer Heather Monroe killed in a tragic crash with Uber driver.

Hero Down: LAPD Officer Heather Monroe Killed In Collision With Uber Driver

Simi Valley, CA – An off-duty LAPD Officer was killed in a two-car crash involving an Uber driver on New Years Day at the intersection of Sycamore Drive and Cochran Street.