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Fallen Hero Lt. Debra Clayton’s Memorial Vandalized

Fallen Hero Lt. Debra Clayton’s Memorial Vandalized Orlando, FL. – Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton’s memorial was vandalized just a day after her killer made his first court appearance. The SUV…

President Donald Trump called the husband of murdered hero Lt. Debra Clayton.

President Donald Trump Calls Husband Of Murdered Orlando Lt. Debra Clayton

Orlando, FL – The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, made a point during the busy inauguration time to call the husband of fallen Orlando Lieutenant Debra Clayton

Patrol car shot at by suspect the day before the Hutchinson County Deputy was shot.

BREAKING: Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Deputy Shot In Texas By Christopher Garza

Fritch, TX – A Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Deputy has been shot Thursday evening following a day-long manhunt for a man who fired at a deputy the day before.

Lake County K9 Blade was shot in the face Wednesday night.

Lake County K9 Blade Shot In Face

Gary, IN – Lake County K-9 officer Blade was shot during a traffic stop on Wednesday.

Full Armor Firearms Employees armed themselves with rifles to confront robbers.

Full Armor Firearms Gun Store Robbers Started Shooting, Employees Respond With The Awesome Firepower Of An AR-15

Houston, Texas – Houston police have robbers in custody after a break-in attempt went terribly wrong…for them.

Cuba will still harbor the terrorist Assata Shakur (left), Trooper Werner Foerster's (right) killer.

U.S. Signs Agreement With Cuba On Law Enforcement, Allows Cuba To Harbor Terrorists Like Cop-Killer Assata Shakur

Washington DC – The Obama administration has signed a historic law enforcement agreement with Cuba, but notably absent from the agreement is for Cuba to stop harboring terrorists.

Rice Lake Police Save Residents When Suicidal Man, Joseph Zunker, Blows Up His Entire Apartment Building

Rice Lake Police Save Residents When Suicidal Man, Joseph Zunker, Blows Up His Entire Apartment Building

Rice Lake, WI – Rice Lake police saved residents from an apartment complex after a suicidal man called dispatch threatening to blow up his apartment building.

Walmart fired Officer Michael Zuby for coming to store while armed.

Taylor Police Officer Michael Zuby Fired From Off-Duty Job At Walmart for Carrying Firearm Into Store While On Duty

When Officer Michael Zuby went to Walmart while in uniform and on-duty, he wasn’t expecting to get fired.

Master Sergeant Debra Clayton was laid to rest.

Master Sergeant Debra Clayton Laid To Rest In Orlando As Her Killer Walks Free

Orlando, FL – Over 5,000 people gathered to pay their respects to fallen Orlando Police Master Sergeant Debra Clayton who was laid to rest on January 14th, 2017.

Ascension Parish Deputy Mike Scott rescued Bella the Cat from this garage door.

Deputy Mike Scott Saves Bella The Cat From a Garage Door

Ascension Parish, LA -When Bella the cat took her morning nap, she never expected to be the talk of the town.